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Set several years before Frodo\’s gruelling sojourn to Mordor, The Hobbit follows Bilbo Baggins, Gandalf and a band of gold-obsessed dwarves as they venture into the heart of Lonely Mountain to swipe the dragon Smaug\’s gleaming hoard.

The PC version of events sticks to the script pretty faithfully and the upshot is a charmingly playable 3D action-adventure. All the best moments from the book are there, such as the bickering trolls, stealing\’ the ring from Gollum and of course, the final attack on Smaug.

Not too much to gripe about when it comes to content, then. Yet, The Hobbit will not appeal to every lover of the little people This is because it\’s so sanitised, you can almost smell the disinfectant. With inoffensive gameplay along the lines of Harry Potter And The Philosopher\’s Stone and a nonthreatening cartoon style reminiscent of Zelda on the GameCube, The Hobbit is aimed squarely at pre-teens.

When Bilbo kills an enemy, the hobbit game free download for pc full version of severed limbs, gushing blood and wails of agony, you\’re the hobbit game free download for pc full version with a sparkling shower of crystals.

The more courage crystals\” Bilbo collects, the stronger he becomes. Enemy innards are not the only places harbouring crystals. Virtually the hobbit game free download for pc full version corner, crevice and cubbyhole on each of The Hobbit\’s essentially linear levels hides a gem; it\’s like a plague you can\’t escape.

What\’s more, the tinkling sound of crystals echoes around your head hours after you\’ve stopped playing. Despite the linearity, there\’s still room for a few mini-quests, secrets and puzzles. Completing every quest please find my son! The puzzles avatar the last airbender into the inferno pc download be anything from knocking apples out of trees with stones, to unlocking a chest by playing a strange sort of reflex test, where you have to stop tumblers at the right time.

Oh, and cowards will be pleased to know this is one Tolkien game where you can wear the Ring and run away And platforms? Don\’t talk to us about platforms; The Hobbit contains more precarious vaults across crumbling rock precipices than all the Http:// Potter and Zelda games put together as one. So, cute and annoying it may be, but The Hobbit is still worth a shot if you have little ones itching to smear their greasy fingerprints all over your computer.

Okay, it might not possess the glamour and gore of EA\’s more topical Lord Of The Rings game, but at least it won\’t give anyone nightmares. In fact, you\’ll be lucky if you get any sleep at all with all those bloody crystals jingle-jangling around in your head. If you\’re a grown-up gamer whose mental image of Middle-earth is of blood-smeared swords, raving ores, and other nightmare snapshots from Peter Jackson\’s trilogy, you\’ll likely dismiss The Hobbit as a squeaky-clean Tolkien adaptation for tots.

And that\’s a shame, because under the overly colorful graphics and so-cute-they\’re-ugly character designs lies a fun, little adventure. The gameplay and sprawling environments are scraped from the Legend of Zelda mold, with crafty puzzles the hobbit game free download for pc full version an emphasis on stealth–thanks to the invisibility-granting ring–and platform hopping.

Fuzzy-toed hero Bilbo does get bogged down in tedious fetch-the-doodad missions later in his quest. In fact, the game flat-out misses some opportunities from the book. It glosses over Bilbo\’s snatching of the troublesome ring from Gollum the whole exchange happens in a cinemabut then we get entire levels based on finding firewood and solving crime for townsfolk.

Maybe the tykes crave that kind of busy work, but mature gamers demand more–like a hero who doesn\’t look fresh out of training pants.

Tolkien the hobbit game free download for pc full version will no doubt be thrilled to hear that this game lovingly recreates the beloved prequel\’s lengthy platform-jumping passages.

The Hobbit plays like a mix of Zelda and Tomb Raider–anti fittingly has a lead character that looks like a blend of the two lines\’ heroes: an awful, pointy-eared little girl. Sure, like Crispin says, The Hobbit isn\’t a terrible game, but its sketchy camera, imprecise controls, and lackluster combat relegate it to the realm of the terribly average to me. I\’ve been there and back again, and next time, I\’m staying home. So what if Bilbo looks like an Ape Escape reject?

Any Tolkien fan should still get a kick out of this adaptation of The Hobbit. As an action-platformer, the game brings almost every book chapter to life through some long sometimes too long levels full of simple yet interesting puzzle-solving and fun combat.

A faulty camera and some sloppy rope-jumping cause many cheap deaths, but you never feel overly frustrated–just kind of annoyed. The Smaug level alone makes it all worthwhile. Browse games Game Portals. The Hobbit. Install Game. Click the \”Install Game\” button to initiate the free file download and get compact download launcher. Locate the executable file in your local folder and begin the launcher to install your desired game.

Game review Downloads Screenshots Crystal Clear The PC version of events sticks to the script pretty faithfully and the upshot is a charmingly playable 3D action-adventure. Playstation 2. People say: 6. Overall rating: 6. GameFabrique



The hobbit game free download for pc full version


It was published on all platforms by Sierra Entertainment, and distributed by Vivendi Universal Games. In North America, the game was released on all platforms in November The game is an officially licensed adaptation of J. Tolkien\’s novel, The Hobbit, and has no relationship with the Peter Jackson-directed Lord of the Rings film trilogy, released in cinemas in , and This is because, at the time, Vivendi, in partnership with Tolkien Enterprises, held the rights to the video game adaptations of Tolkien\’s literary works, whilst Electronic Arts held the rights to the video game adaptations of the New Line Cinema films.

The game sticks very closely to the plot of the novel, although it does feature some minor characters not found in Tolkien\’s original. The Hobbit received mixed reviews across all systems, with critics praising its fidelity to the source material, but finding the gameplay unoriginal and too easy. The Hobbit Free Download. The Hobbit is primarily a platform game, with elements of hack and slash combat and some rudimentary puzzle aspects, played from a third-person perspective the GameBoy Advance version is played from an isometric three-quarter top-down view[5].

The player controls Bilbo Baggins throughout the game, the majority of which is built around basic platforming; Bilbo can jump, climb ropes and ladders, hang onto ledges, swing on vines etc.

Progression through the game is built around «Quests. Many of the levels also feature optional sidequests which do not have to be completed, but which can yield substantial rewards if they are. Bilbo in Mirkwood Forest in the PlayStation 2 version of the game. On the lower right of the HUD is his money, on the upper left is his courage meter, below which is his health meter.

His rocks, ring meter and healing potions are on the upper right. Bilbo has three weapons available to him during combat. He begins the game with his walking stick, which can be used in melee combat, and stones, which he can throw. To use stones, he must switch to first-person view. Later in the game, he acquires a dagger, Sting.

All three weapons can be powered up by finding magical scrolls scattered throughout the game. These scrolls grant such abilities as increased damage, jump attacks, double and treble combo attacks, and charged attacks. Bilbo\’s health system is based upon «Courage Points». At the start of the game, he has three health points.

For every Courage Points he collects, he acquires an extra health point. Courage points come in the form of diamonds, with different colors representing different numerical values. For example, a blue diamond equals one courage point, a green diamond equals ten etc. Bilbo\’s progress in gaining a new health point is shown in his courage meter, which is on screen at all times.

Some of the higher value diamonds are hidden off the main path of a level, while the lowest level diamonds blue are often used to indicate to the player where they are supposed to be heading. At the end of each chapter, the player is taken to a vendor, where they can spend the in-game currency, silver pennies. Items available for purchase include stones, healing potions, antidotes, skeleton keys, temporary invincibility potions, additional health points, and the ability to increase the maximum number of stones and health potions which Bilbo can carry.

Pennies, healing potions, antidotes and, often, quest items and weapon upgrades can be found in chests throughout the game. Often, chests will simply open when Biblo touches them, but sometimes, the chests are locked, and Bilbo must pick the lock. This involves a timed minigame in which the player must align a pointer or select a specific target. Some chests will have only one minigame to complete, but chests containing more important items will have more, up to a maximum of eight.

Penalties for failing to open a chest include losing health points or being poisoned. If the player has a skeleton key, they can bypass the minigames and open the chest immediately. Bilbo declines, but invites Gandalf to tea the next day. When Gandalf returns, he is accompanied by thirteen dwarves who are going on a quest to the Lonely Mountain to win back their kingdom.

Led by Thorin Oakenshield Clive Revill , they plan to reclaim their treasure from the dragon who stole it, Smaug. Gandalf tells them they will need a thief to complete their mission, and he volunteers Bilbo, who promptly faints. When he is unconscious, Bilbo dreams of the possibilities of heroism in such a quest, and upon waking, decides to join the dwarves. On the first night of the quest, the entire company is captured by three trolls, who plan to eat them.

However, Gandalf arrives, imitating the trolls\’ voices and causing them to fight amongst themselves until the sun rises, which turns them to stone. As Bilbo searches for supplies in their cave, he meets an injured elf, Lianna Jennifer Hale , who he assists by finding her healing potion. He also finds a dagger, which he calls Sting. The party then move on to the Elven city of Rivendell, where Elrond tells them of a secret entrance into the Lonely Mountain.

The Hobbit for PC. They then head to the Misty Mountains. During the night, they are attacked by goblins, and Bilbo is knocked unconscious. He awakens alone and lost. As he wanders through the underground passages, he finds a ring, and encounters a creature named Gollum Daran Norris. Gollum makes a deal with Bilbo; they will play a game of riddles. If Gollum wins, he will eat Bilbo, but if Bilbo wins, Gollum will show him the way out. Bilbo wins the game, and Gollum says he must get something before he can lead Bilbo out.

He then realizes his ring is gone. Bilbo puts the ring on and discovers it makes its wearer invisible. An infuriated Gollum runs to the exit to try to stop Bilbo leaving, unwittingly leading the invisible Bilbo out. He reunites with the dwarves and Gandalf, but the party are then attacked by a groups of goblins and wargs. They climb to the tops of the trees, and are rescued by a band of eagles, who drop them off near Mirkwood Forest.

Gandalf leaves after showing the group the path through the forest and warning them never to leave it. After several days, however, the dwarves are running low on supplies, and see a group of Wood Elves enjoying a feast.

They run into the forest towards the elves, but become lost and separated. Bilbo encounters Corwin Michael Ensign , a man from Lake-town, whose party has been killed by the Great Spiders living in the forest, and who have also taken the dwarves. Bilbo is able to rescue them, but as soon as he does so, the dwarves are captured by Wood Elves and placed in the dungeons of Thranduil, who wants to know why they are in the forest.

Thorin, however, refuses to say anything, enraging Thranduil. Using the ring, Bilbo enters Thranduil\’s hall, where he meets Lianna. With her assistance, he is able to free the dwarves by sealing them into barrels which are sent down the river to Lake-town. The party then head towards the nearby Lonely Mountain. They find the secret entrance, but Bilbo is dismayed to learn the dwarves have no idea how to kill Smaug.

As such, he sneaks into Smaug\’s lair to try to find a weak spot. Bilbo tricks Smaug James Horan into showing him his stomach, which is coated in diamonds, except for one small spot, where his skin is exposed.

Bilbo leaves, telling the dwarves of Smaug\’s vulnerability, and is overheard by a nearby thrush, who heads towards Lake-town. Furious that he has been outwitted by Bilbo, Smaug bursts from the mountain and attacks Lake-town. However, the thrush tells Bard of the exposed skin, and Bard fires the Black Arrow into Smaug\’s chest, killing him.

Several days later, Thorin learns that with the demise of Smaug, an army of men and wood-elves are heading towards the Lonely Mountain to claim back their own lost treasures. Meanwhile, he tasks Bilbo with finding the Arkenstone, a treasure of great importance. Bilbo does so, but sneaks out of the mountain with it, and, in an effort to prevent the upcoming battle, gives it to Bard and Thranduil, who are leading the army of men and elves.

They offer to return the Arkenstone to Thorin if he gives them their treasures, but he refuses, denouncing Bilbo as a traitor. However, before the conflict begins, Gandalf appears, revealing the imminent arrival of an army of goblins and wargs, led by Bolg.

After Gandalf sends Bilbo to Bard\’s unit, Bilbo meets Lianna, who tells him he must find Beorn Michael Gough , a «skin changer» currently in the form of a bear, as Beorn is the only one who can defeat Bolg. Bilbo does so, and Beorn kills Bolg.

The stunned goblin army rally, but as they do an army of eagles appears on the horizon. At this point, Bilbo is knocked unconscious by a rock. He awakens to find the battle over, with the goblins defeated, whilst men, elves and dwarves have united to face any future dangers. However, Thorin has been mortally wounded. On his deathbed, he apologizes to Bilbo, saying he wishes he had lived his own life more like the Hobbit.

As Lake-town begins to rebuild from Smaug\’s attack, Bilbo takes two small chests of gold and heads back to the Shire, accompanied by Gandalf. The Hobbit Download Torrent. Just download torrent and start playing it. Gameplay The Hobbit is primarily a platform game, with elements of hack and slash combat and some rudimentary puzzle aspects, played from a third-person perspective the GameBoy Advance version is played from an isometric three-quarter top-down view[5].

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