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The input can be controlled between the left, right, and mid channels. Just like how NSs allow engineers to hear their mixes on a consumer-grade system, the HPL2 Processor exposes flaws in a mix or master that you may not hear if solely using headphones. Start with a setting of ms to ms and work your way up. You should go about stereo-widening very carefully as, if used incorrectly, it could throw your mix all over the place and make your bass sound weak , as well as cause phase issues. Using the supplied Logic Mastering template , though, we can quickly compare the musicality of different loudness settings and discover what works best for our music.

Mastering in Logic Pro X : The Basics.How to Master in Logic Pro X (Step by Step Guide)


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Mastering in Logic Pro X : The Basics.


MSED — Mastdring. Konsol — Analog Obsession. Frontier — D16 Audio Group. Overtone GEQ — Voxengo. Loudmax — Thomas Mundt. This can be a costly process, but fortunately, great and completely free plugins are prk released almost every week that can be used to create fantastic-sounding masters.

The plugins listed here range from eq, dynamics, distortion, and just as importantly metering. Some emulate analog processing while others offer a clean and transparent sound. Regardless of the type of mastering you do or the genre you work in, these plugins will be useful.

Keep in mind that these plugins are in no particular order. MSED by Voxengo is a powerful tool for any mastering engineer looking to both monitor and affect their stereo image with one tool. MSED is an encoder and decoder that can sum channels, separate stereo signals into Mid and Side, swap channels, invert phases, and a lot more. Simple mastering logic pro x free mid-gain function allows you to increase the gain of your mid-channel, in turn making your mix or master more centered.

The side-gain function allows you to increase the gain of your side image, in turn making your mix or master wide. Like all Voxengo plugins, an A B comparison tool allows the user to compare two sets of settings. If you want to learn more about mid-side processing and stereo imaging, check out our blog post sipmle video that covers this topic:. The bands include Low frequency, low loigc, mid-frequency, high-mid frequency, and high frequency — привожу ссылку of which can be controlled by altering the 4 cross-band rotaries at the top.

These bands can quickly be soloed or muted, and multiple bands can be chosen at once if needed. The monitor section allows you to solo your left, right, mid and side channels. Lastly, a dim and an output knob allow the user to adjust the ;ro of the signal, or to quickly attenuate it if needed. The display is unique in that it shows a spectrogram from variable and controllable angles. By clicking and dragging the display, you can alter the смотрите подробнее, in turn getting a new perspective on the frequency range and amplitude of your mix or master.

The window can be adjusted to 3 sizes, and three modes can be engaged that alter the display between frequency, time, and a point-based display that seems to take both into account. The speed alters the rate the lines refresh simple mastering logic pro x free the density alters the number of lines displayed. Lastly, the scale alters si,ple exaggerated the lines respond to the amplitude simple mastering logic pro x free the signal.

Although I personally found this plugin to be a lot more aesthetically acronis disk director 12 update free download than a typical frequency analyzer, I did notice that it can negatively impact the читать больше of a simpl by causing jitter.

That said, be sure to remove this plugin from your inserts prior to как сообщается здесь your mix or master. An input rotary introduces up to 24dB of gain, as does the output rotary. With these two functions, you can easily create saturation and harmonic generation by increasing the input and decrease simple mastering logic pro x free output. The plugin also 3 various model modes including Grey, which is the cleanest option, Blue which creates high order harmonics for a crisp and bright sound, and black which creates mid to high logi harmonics for a full sound.

The XFMR mode enables 1 transformer emulation when the plugin is in track mode and 2 transformer emulations when the plugin is in bus mode. Lastly, two equalization knobs control which harmonics are more prominent, with the low rotary increasing the amplitude of low order harmonics, cree the high rotary increasing the gain of high order harmonics.

Beyond the aesthetics, the plugin offers a lot of functionality and a great sound. The threshold masteriny an auto make up gain function that increases the overall amplitude of the signal whereas the output rotary serves as the ceiling. The release is input dependent but with 3 chasuble modes, fast, medium, and slow. The input can be controlled between the left, right, smiple mid channels.

When the mid mode is selected, the width of your image lro be affected. Lastly, a soft clip function allows for gentle to significant harmonic distortion that pleasantly amplifies your signal. Try the Frontier plugin as a parallel compressor or as a maximizer on your output channel.

One thing to keep in mind when using this plugin is that the plugins default setting has the threshold set to dB, meaning the makeup gain will automatically be pretty significant. The rotary in the middle of the plugin allows you to easily shift xx a smooth, transient reduced sound, or an aggressive, transient accented sound. The fast, medium and slow simplle on the left allow you to alter the attack time of the plugins logid functions, whereas the period slider under the main rotary allows you to change the duration for which the transient shaping lasts.

The link icon allows for automatic gain attenuation or makeup based on the settings, simple mastering logic pro x free this can be disengaged. The mode slider alters the incoming signal between mid and side, just mid, and just side.

Just as important is the tube-based harmonic generation this plugin provides. The very act of using the plugin or inserting it on your signal introduces complex harmonic generation that makes your signal fuller and more simple mastering logic pro x free. The default setting po a great start, but changing your routing to mid and side stereo gives you advanced control over both your frequency response and the stereo image of your signal.

If you ximple the need for it, the Overtone Masteing can also support various surround sound configurations, making this plugin truly versatile. If mastering, an oversampling function provides an easy way to avoid ftee unwanted intermodulation distortion and aliasing. A si,ple unique plugin, and one that stands apart from any of the others on this list, simple mastering logic pro x free HPL2 Processor converts any signal into a spacious and natural-sounding one.

Designed to provide headphone users with a more realistic sound, the HPL2 Processor gives headphone users an idea of what a mix or master might sound like over loudspeakers.

Just like how NSs simple mastering logic pro x free engineers to hear their mixes on a consumer-grade system, the HPL2 Processor exposes flaws in a mix or master that you may not hear if solely using headphones.

By prioritizing the mid-range, and altering some of the masteeing relationships, this plugin recreates the signal to sound more open maetering in turn changing a forward and punchy headphone mix into a somewhat washed out and distant sound. When using this plugin the only parameter you can control is the output. Typically, using this plugin decreases the overall volume by 3 to 6dBso you will probably be using this to offset some of that attenuation.

It imparts clean compression on a signal and uses input dependent attack masgering release settings to create a loud and clear mix. The link button enables inter-sample peaking simole, also know as перейти на источник detection. This ensures that no peaking is occurring between samples. The sikple function allows both faders to be controlled logicc, which is a great method to use when you want clean and transparent compression on an individual instrument or vocal.

Unlike other limiters, there is no expansion or variable compression settings, nor is there any analog emulation via harmonic generation. The dpMeter4, although not здесь most aesthetically pleasing, accurately displays multiple mastwring regarding the loudness and peaks of your signal.

Additionally, it allows you to set the measurements for various broadcast standards. It shows the true peak and max peak of your signal, as well as inform you if any distortion of clipping occurs. A peak meter in dBFS is shown on the right side of the plugin for your stereo output as well as two additional stereo outputs should your choose to set up the monitoring in this way. You can also easily access the manual by clicking the DP button. Resizing the plugin is simppe easy as dragging the window from a marker in the lower right-hand corner.

Ссылка of these plugins represents a free version of another, certainly more expensive version. Have you used masteering of these plugins before? Top 10 Free Mastering Plugins. Free plugins often perform the same functions as costly ones.

Get a Free Mastered Sample. MSED is a powerful Mid-side processor. In includes a correlation and balance meter. What is Stereo Imaging? The ISOL8 allows you to solo various bands of your master. At the top you can alter the bandwidth of 5 bands.

The monitor section allows you to quickly simple mastering logic pro x free between left, right, mid, and side. BL Waves offers a unique take on the frequency analyzer. You can change the angle of the graphic masterinng clicking and dragging the display.

Three window sizes, 3 simple mastering logic pro x free, and 3 variable display settings allow you to customize your display. At the bottom, you can switch between multiple model types and amplify or attenuate low order or high order harmonics.

The Frontier is a powerful limiter. The release is input dependent with some control via the rotary on the bottom left, and the threshold has an auto make-up gain function tied to it. A softy-clip function introduces harmonic distortion. Top 10 Free Compression Plugins. Bittersweet is a popular simmple plugin that sounds great on a master or mix bus. The mode section in the bottom left switches simple mastering logic pro x free processed signal from stereo, mid, and side.

The GEQ adds harmonics to a signal when inserted. It is capable of a multitude of routing configurations including surround sound. Top 10 Free Equalization Plugins. The HPL2 processor is источник for getting a new perspective on a mix. The only control you can affect is the output. LoudMax is a simple simple mastering logic pro x free powerful simple mastering logic pro x free, similar to the Waves Logjc.

The Link amstering ISP buttons add value to the limiter. The dbMeter4 can easily take the place of much more expensive pro mix and mastering meters.


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