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This has really turned into a wild goose chase. Initially my goal when I set out on this project was simply to get Fabric up and running so I could test out some different features on some network gear.

It seems like the Python integration in Windows is very different than it is in the Linux world where everything is all bundled up nice and neatly.

I thought I might as well show people how I got this to work instead of picking and choosing different bits of information from the internet. The following is a list of links that I have found to be helpful in getting everything up and going, flip back to here for the different resources and components:.

For basic Python functionality it should be enough to download and install Python via the basic installer in your Windows environment. Accepting the defaults should be enough. Also, I recommend going with Python 2. You will also want to double check to make sure you download the correct version for you OS as well, either bit or bit. Once you have your Python install up and going you will want to get pip installed. You will use this tool to get Python modules because it aids tremendously with downloading, managing and installing useful Python code.

So to get up and running with pip, first make sure that you have the correctly matched version of Python and the pip installed for your environment. For example the 2. Second, you will need to make sure you have the Distribute package installed in your Python environment as well. This is the tool that will allow pip to work. Once you have these modules installed you will need to switch to the directory where pip is installed or add it to your ENV path variable.

For me it was located in the following location:. Well it turns out that using this method we do not have the correct version of Pycrypto installed. So using the link posted above go ahead and get the correct version of Pycrypto downloaded and installed version 2.

It just gets us to a different error. I used this post and this post as a guide for getting the correct version of Pycrypto installed on the Windows machine. Okay, so now we should have a fully functioning Python environment with Fabric installed. To get that part working you will need MinGW32 installed reference above for links.

But that is basically out of the scope of this post, I will write another post about it if there is any interest or you can ask me if you have issues as always. The only other piece left then is to get Fabric up and going with our Cisco gear.

Take a look at the docs for basic usage on getting acquainted with Fabric, it is fairly straight forward for the most part. One thing I was not aware of was the way Cisco CLI and devices would behave when using Fabric to control them remotely. I was having issues with Fabric flaking out whenever I went into config mode on a Cisco switch.

So something like this will bomb out,. The workaround? So a sample command using this format would be something like the following,. I am currently looking for a more robust and easier way around this limitation so if you have any suggestions let me know. Credit goes to markmm on reddit for letting me know about this workaround as well as the people who hang out on the fabric irc channel on freenode.

You can also find him on Twitter and Facebook. Conversation history not saving in Outlook Nexus v in a Hyper-V Environment Part 1.


Python fabric windows download.Download the latest version for macOS

Well it turns out that using this method we do not have the correct version of Pycrypto installed. Mar 21, Mar 9, Jan 13, What\’s New. Sign In Required Please sign in to use Codespaces. Now, we have succesfully installed and ran fabric on windows machine.


Getting Python Fabric setup in Windows


Released: Jul 14, View statistics for this project via Libraries. Fabric is a high level Python больше информации. It builds on top of Invoke subprocess command execution and command-line features and Paramiko SSH protocol implementationextending their APIs to complement one another and provide additional functionality. The project maintainer keeps a roadmap on his website. Jul 14, python fabric windows download Mar 26, Jan 19, Aug 6, Sep 13, Aug 9, Aug 1, Jul 18, Jul 13, May 25, May 14, May 10, Apr 7, Nov 28, Aug 25, Apr 24, Dec 9, Dec 5, Jul 26, Apr 9, Jun 19, Dec 19, Sep 4, Aug 7, Jun 9, Mar 21, Feb python fabric windows download, Dec 24, Sep 21, May 23, Mar 1, Jan 29, Jan 16, Nov 15, Nov 7, Jul 6, May 8, Apr 5, Jan 13, Nov 23, Nov 8, Oct 24, Oct 23, Sep 1, Aug 22, Jul 7, Jun 30, Jun 25, Mar 28, Mar 5, Jun 24, Apr 29, Mar 22, Feb 19, Nov 12, Sep 6, May 28, Nov 9, Apr 6, Feb 16, Sep 15, Jun 23, Apr 27, Mar 9, Feb 11, Jan 12, Download the file for your platform.

If you\’re not sure which to choose, learn more about installing packages. Uploaded Jul 14, source. Uploaded Jul 14, py2 py3. Warning Some features may not work without JavaScript. Please try python fabric windows download it if you encounter problems.

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