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How to rip high-quality MP3s in Windows without iTunes – CNET

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Previous Next. May 5, 90 0 0. I downloaded the LAME source. It seems that the only version of LAME I can get my hands on is just the source code, so what do I have to do to get the compiled versions? I\’m not sure what to compile. Mar 31, 83 0 0. Go here, R3MIX , and read up about lame and eac, cdex and more. Borked Member. Jan 27, 28 0 0. You can get the latest copy of EAC from the author\’s website. Both self installing or compilable versions are available there.

A good tutorial for EAC can be found here. Andre even recommends this site. Workin\’ Diamond Member. Jan 10, 5, 0 0. Get the compiled executable for LAME 3. Get the latest version of EAC 09b1 here. Follow the instructions, and it will set LAME up automatically for you, along with other key settings. Piece of cake.



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I recommend kbps at a minimum, though anything above kbps is probably overkill and the resulting file size will be very large. Step 1 : After you\’ve inserted an audio CD into your optical drive, look up your CD in the freedb database so you don\’t have to enter the album and track details manually. When prompted, add the album cover and lyrics. Step 2 : Click on the CMP icon on the left-hand side to begin copying the tracks to compressed MP3 files, then select a destination folder.

That\’s it. Most modern portable music players support VBR music files, but you might want to double check before copying them over. Your guide to a better future.

Want CNET to notify you of price drops and the latest stories? No, thank you Accept. Ed Rhee. April 17, a. When the installation is completed you may start EAC for the first time.

Click Next to start the wizard. You can choose to configure not all drives, but while you\’re at it you better configure all drives unless you are positive you won\’t use a certain drive.

When clicking Next EAC starts the configuration of the selected drives. Make sure you always choose I prefer to have accurate results when EAC asks. In most cases your drives will be recognized by EAC\’s internal drive database and EAC will set the most optimal settings. If you think EAC set the wrong options or your drive is not found in the database, then you can choose I don\’t trust these values, detect the features for my drive. But that won\’t be necessary in most cases.

EAC\’s drive database includes most popular drives. When all drives are set up correctly it\’s time for the LAME encoder. If you are not interested in ripping to MP3 you can of course skip this part. Before continuing you must install the LAME encoder. In theory it doesn\’t matter where you put the encoder, but the eAC installation directory is the best place and offers advantages like the possibility to use LAME as a decoder too in EAC.

After that\’s done, click Next. If you can\’t wait for that you may wish to abort the search and enter the path manually. This setting uses the high quality –alt-preset standard command line for LAME. Next you have to enter an e-mail address. This may be a fake address, as long as it looks like an e-mail address.

This e-mail address is necessary to get access to the Freedb database. On the next screen EAC offers the selection between a beginner mode and an expert mode. In the beginner mode many options that might confuse new users are hidden. Although this may look interesting you should opt for I\’m an expert, let me use the full potential of EAC because some expert features are needed. Click Finish to end the wizard. The preconfiguration is now completed, but still some options need to be set for correct functioning.

On the first tab Extraction change the Error recovery quality from Medium to High. EAC generates filenames using this string. The MP3 will be placed in the folder..

You can experiment with the various combinations for the filename construction. If your provider requires you to use a proxy server for surfing you must set the proxy server in EAC. Enter the proxy server\’s name or address in the Proxy Server input field. For Telenet customers for example that\’s proxy. Port is the port of the server for example Authentification is usually not required. Contact your ISP when in doubt.

Although the name might give the impression that the r3mix setting uses the –r3mix command line that\’s not the case. EAC uses the –alt-preset standard command line which is developed by audio experts on the r3mix forum. This setting is nowadays considered as the standard for high quality MP3 compression.

If you are satisfied with this setting you can skip the following part. Below a few alternative command lines for LAME are discussed.

This bitrate gives a good sound quality, but not yet archival quality. It\’s a shame the MP3 scene is holding on on such an old standard. The –alt-preset standard setting gives better quality for a comparable filesize. Not really suitable for Internet distribution! On the External Compression tab enter one of following command lines in the Additional command line options input field:.

The –alt-preset extreme command line gives the best quality for variable bitrate MP3s. Therefore –alt-preset standard is the best option if you share your MP3s on the Internet. However, this translates to –alt-preset standard. For the rest you don\’t have to change anything in this screen. Often ignored, but one of the most important parts of the EAC configuration. A faulty drive confguration makes EAC sensitive to errors and working unreliable. Select Drive Options Click the warning dialog box away.

An incorrect setting may make the extraction unreliable, though. Thus check whether EAC is using the correct settings. If that is the case you can go to the next chapter. If you think EAC is using incorrect settings or the drive was not found in EAC\’s internal database, you can still do the drive configuration by hand. Insert a CD in the drive you want to configure and make sure it\’s selected from the drive dropdown box on the top left of the EAC main window.

Click the Detect Read Features EAC will now try to detect the correct settings for your drive. This can take up to ten minutes depending on the drive, but is usually done within a minute. You are not obliged to do that, but only with your help the EAC database can grow larger so more and more drives are automatically detected.

Submitting can take a few moments. Be patient :. You now return to the Drive Options dialog. Verify that EAC is now using the found settings. On the next tab Drive click the Autodetect read command now button. After a few seconds EAC returns the correct read command for your drive. And those were the most important options of EAC for a correct functioning. Please note that these are somewhat outdated, but still very valuable. Verify the titles because the information is sent in by volunteers to freedb and often contains typos.

For a Various Artists CD there are a few strict naming rules. If that is not true, the ersulting MP3s will have faulty ID3 tags which is very annoying. This is the most common used extraction method. But sometimes it\’s desirable to extract the whole CD as one big track. More about that later. EAC will now ask where you want the MP3s to be stored on your harddisk. Browse to the desired location and click Save. And the rest is done automatically by EAC.

EAC will now start reading the CD.


Download lame.exe for exact audio copy

Configure LAME MP3 Compression. LAME is a high quality command line encoder that\’s commonly used with EAC for making files which can be played on pretty. mp3. Click the Browse button and locate the that you unzipped into the EAC directory earlier. Note: If you want to tag with.

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