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Download the full version of the Need For Speed (NFS) Underground 2 game safely from a trusted source. The Need for Speed series has long. This demo includes a sneak peek of the variety of different game modes you can play, as well as a few online options. Full Specifications. Need for Speed: Underground 2 is a cross-platform racing video game and the eighth installment in the popular Need for Speed driving game series published.

Game pc need for speed underground 2 free download

Girfan -2 points. Do you nedd know if I\’m doing anything wrong? But the problem is that it\’s saying please insert disc 2. Some steps I forgot or am I gonna have to start a prayer? Each of the five distinct neighborhoods in Need for Speed Underground 2 feature a unique look and feel, including varied driving conditions and track types. YTD Video Нажмите для деталей. CaptainShell95 -3 points.


Game pc need for speed underground 2 free download


Published in by Electronic Arts, Inc. Usagi Tsukino 0 point. Square 4 points. Would love to see Need for Speed Carbon as it\’s been abandonware for years with it not being sold for downloax platforms whatsoever.

I had the same problem with the \”insert cd 2\” after put the modgraphic 1. I can open the game with this fix. UCR 0 point. For people who cant surpass the insert disc 2 part. Try dowloading game by right clicking after click the connect part where there is a disc symbol приведу ссылку then using the setup.

Your computer will act like you actually inserted a disk and there will be a prompt that says what to do with this disc. Click to the перейти на страницу then click setup. Enter the key that was given from somebody else below the comments. Click install and after of course there will be insert disc 2 prompt. Finally right click disc2. Now you can proceed the part where you enjoy nfsu2. Страница really wanna play this game.

But the problem is that it\’s saying please insert disc 2. Can someone please help me out? Talha undergrounc point. Neo 1 point. After mounting and entering the key, It keeps asking to insert Disk 1 although I have disk 1 mounted. Please help. Amazing work guys TY. In my time playing I discovered the best cosmetic glitch in the game. I never uploaded this or shared because I never had the internet at home. I feel bad having never shared this with the world apart from my friends, здесь I do wonder if anyone else stumbled across this, I don\’t see why not That being said, I never did meet anyone else who had Select \”change\” not remove and choose the one you want to install.

Now immediately ;c the same slot and choose change. This works on any car, any layer, any combination. I spent hours customizing cars given the customization options this opened up for the game, now you can see why I know this game is but a fond memory for most, and newer games have far better customization for vinyls etc.

Wizard 1 point. Gabrielx36 1 point. All I get from the no cd patch is an errorr. Is it mabye cause I fdee a download tool windows 10 machine running windows xp x64? Gabrielx36 0 point.

I can\’t get the No cd patch to work. I did what you guys said but I couldn\’t get in to work in xp. Game pc need for speed underground 2 free download you guys know if I\’m doing anything game pc need for speed underground 2 free download I\’ve installed the game and applied the NoCD patch. I proceed to click the new exe.

It says \”please insert disc 2. Do I need V1. Sonny 1 point. Hey guys has anyone got any tips on how to get this game to work with a controller, i have followed the updated install guide and installed the widescreen patch etc, the game undeeground great but doesnt detect my controller at all, not in the menus or in options where you change the keybinds, ive tried with an xbox elite series 2 and a ps4 controller, they work fine with other games. Any tips would be greatly appreciated. BOZZA 0 point.

ER -1 point. The Game works but i cant drive. New -2 points. CaptainShell95 -3 points. Adrish Pal 4 points. NepTune 1 point. Thanks for sharing this! Hammerman 11 points. Please upload NFS Carbon here too, it was removed from Steam, so we cannot obtain it legally anymore. BK 0 point. Both can be found on the Internet, Daemon tools is not free might be a trail version WinCDemu is free, although that software is quite game pc need for speed underground 2 free download now so not too sure you can still get it.

However I think Windows 10 has built in mounting software despite it\’s other downfalls. Naufal Dzol 0 point. BK may I ask something? So about the NoCD patch, first how do I mount the undergrkund before installing the game? ReyOrton24 1 point. It would be amazing if you include the European version.

But at fir we can download this game in a place of trust. Hey, so I don\’t know if anyone else has this problem or maybe I did something wrong. But everytime I nesd to drop the. Same when I смотрите подробнее the speed2. It just says that there is no downloae left instead of replacing it.

Some steps I forgot or am I gonna have to start a prayer? Milim 1 point. Played through almost the entire game, but now I get a CTD every time i try to load the actual game world. Reinstalling the exe used to fix it по ссылке now im no longer able to play. Anyone have a fix gane this? Stozza 1 point. Mine has installed perfectly, running sweet as a nut however I cant get my controller to switch for racing, works perfectly in menus.

Just doesn\’t game pc need for speed underground 2 free download the keys for racing I have changed and tested after to check but still no joy Any ideas? How do I replace the Speed2 file? Every time I try to move the undergrouund Speed2 file into the folder, it simply says \”There is gamee space.

I\’ve tried everything I can undergdound of and I\’m just totally unsure what I\’m doing wrong. Nsed my guide I have included the key needed to get the game going,some useful spec gamw along info for getting the game working on Linux, another way of doing neeed in general, I take game pc need for speed underground 2 free download fref guide is soley for windows though.

However I thank you for the very useful tip regarding the game crashing, wasn\’t too sure as to why that was :. I\’m not entirely sure if the game pc need for speed underground 2 free download fixes are enabled by default with the Widescreen Fix patch, so make sure to open the. Alright, here\’s the best, hopefully idiot-proof install guide for this classic.

Ignore Gae guide as it has some issues and is outdated. You can get a key for the game online or посмотреть еще a Keygen.

Step 2: Тема svr 2011 pc download древности the 1. In most cases, it\’ll посмотреть больше a matter of just running the executable and the patch will install itself super-fast without having to do anything. Step 4: Install the Game pc need for speed underground 2 free download Fix for the game, which also fixes some issues and allows you to properly doownload with перейти controller.

It\’ll work on its own, undeerground you can tinker with the settings, found in the \’scripts\’ folder, if нажмите чтобы перейти need to and know what you\’re doing.

If game pc need for speed underground 2 free download have issues with the game crashing knderground entering shops and stuff like that, open the. Step 6: Run the game. It should be at your desktop resolution by default, and if you plan on using a controller you really should change feee controls. When rebinding them, don\’t be confused by the button that shows up; the inputs will be set to whatever you pressed, even if it neef a completely different button.

Step 7: Profit. Ideally you should be good to go. I recommend adding a couple more mods, particularly Extra Options, to fix up other problems beed game has and get more out of the game. There you go!


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