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Kit server pes 2010 pc free download

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Documentation for Kitservers can also be found there. It is a loader and manager for various modules, where each module is built as a typically independent DLL containing logic to enhance the game in particular aspect.

While originally the Kitserver was developed to \”serve\” kits Pro Evolution Soccer 3, a lot more functionality has been added over the years. Below is a quick summary of the available features. Follow the link in the left column to get more details about a particular module. If you are new to Kitserver, please make sure you read the installation instructions. AFS2FS 9. Kserv 9. LOD Mixer 9. Time module 9. Speeder module 9. With XP and Vista, and now Windows 7 having more emphasis and enforcement of file ownership and different user rights, and promoting the use of \”Standard User\” accounts, i realized it was time to change the installation routine slightly, compared to the previous versions of Kitserver.

So, first new thing: you have a more traditional installer now, well it\’s just a self-extractable archive with some logos : Run it, and it will ask you where you want your kitserver files extracted:. You can leave the default directory specified in the installer, or you can put in your own.

The important thing is that you unpack the files into a place where you have full control over the files your HOME directory is one example of that. This will ensure that you won\’t run into any File Virtualization surprises on Vista, and also that you will NOT need administrative privileges to run the game with Kitserver.

Now go to that directory that you installed your kitserver to. You will see there a folder named Kitserver Open that folder, you should see something like this: Now, copy the two executables from your game folder to the Kitserver folder – pes Depending on your Windows settings, you may see them as simply pes and settings – with file extensions hidden.

In fact, by default the file extensions of known file types are hidden, as you can see on the screenshot below. So, now it should look like this:. Almost there! A couple more steps and we\’ll have the game running with Kitserver.

Now open the kitserver folder and run the manager. This was previously called setup. Also, the name \”setup\” was always slightly misleading, so i decided to rename it to more neutral – manager – because it manages the attachment of kitserver to the game EXE files. Now select the game executable it should actually already be preselected. You can also select your settings.

Otherwise, it is not necessary. Once you select the files, click \”Attach\” button. What this does is it \”connects\” the kitserver to the game: now whenever you start the game using that particular game EXE , the Kitserver DLLs will be loaded into memory. If all went well, you should see a picture like this:. If you decide that you don\’t want to use Kitserver any longer, run manager. This is useful when troubleshooting crashes: you can always temporarily detach Kitserver from the game to verify that the game runs fine without it.

And then re-attach the Kitserver later. Now for one last step, before we can run the game with kitserver: We need to make sure there exists a file called config. If not, then it\’s easy enough to create the config. That\’s it. You\’re ready to launch the game. For folks who had been using kitserver for some time, it is worth noting that it is still possible to install the kitserver the \”old\” way: in the game folder.

Everything would still work fine, as long as you do everything as Administrator: run config. I would honestly not recommend doing that, but instead adopt the new way.

It is safer and you don\’t need to worry about administrative privileges, and you don\’t run into File Virtualization issues which can lead to nasty surprises, and many hours spent muttering things like: \”why does my config. What is going on?!! Uninstall is very easy: just delete the Kitserver folder, and that\’s it. Kitserver doesn\’t write into system folders, or anything of that sort, so removal is very simple. Also, it is worth reminding that you can always temporarily detach the kitserver from the game exe, and then re-attach it back, by using the manager program as described in 2.

This is useful when suddenly you get game crashes, and you are not sure whether Kitserver is at fault, or there is some other reason. From time to time, Konami releases patches to the game. There is already 1. When you install these patches, you get a brand new game executable pes It is important to realise that Konami patch doesn\’t now about your Kitserver installation, and therefore the game EXE in your Kitserver folder will still be the old one. So what you need to do is copy the new game EXE over to the Kitserver folder, then run the manager.

Assuming, of course, that Kitserver supports the new EXE, that\’s all there is to it. Now you can again start the game from Kitserver folder.

The kitserver manager. This can be useful, if kitserver is part of a bigger patch, which contains an installer, and typically the last step of the installer is to attach kitserver to the game EXE file.

This can be accomplished by running the manager like this:. Kitserver uses a file called config. A lot of things are specified there, including which modules to load, what settings those modules should use, and etc. Go to your kitserver folder and you should see a file called config-sample. I gave it a different name on purpose: so that those who upgrade their kitserver installation don\’t accidently overwrite their existing config.

If you aren\’t upgrading then the chances are that you don\’t have an existing config. Otherwise you may want to compare the sample config with yours and see if you need to make changes to your config: such as add new modules in the [kload] section, for example.

Remember: if you don\’t have config. But it will log the fact that it couldn\’t find the config. So if you think kitserver doesn\’t work for you, check the pes The main configuration file for kitserver – config. If you don\’t have it there – re-read the end of Install section 2. Here is an example of what can be in config. Each module can have its own configuration section, which starts with [ module-name ] , and typically has one or more options following it.

Now, normally you wouldn\’t need to modify config. To disable a particular module – just comment out the corresponding line in the [kload] section by putting a \’ \’ symbol at the beginning. Or you can delete that line altogether. The order of the DLLs is important. In particular: zlib1. Only in very rare situations you should try re-arranging the DLLs.

Formerly known as lodcfg. It\’s a helper tool and all that it does, you can also do manually, by editing config. In fact, some things you can only do manually – like adding and removing modules DLLs.

But for simple things – like changing resolution, or choosing camera angle – it\’s faster and easier to just launch config. Several people over the last few years had suggested similar solutions, but ultimately it was Str teG who kept talking about this idea of organizing BINs into folders, and eventually i decided to just go ahead and do it. So now this is realized in the this module – afs2fs. From personal experience, i know that people are sometimes reluctant to install big patches that require an AFS-rebuild, not because it\’s particularly difficult or anything, but because it can be time-consuming and disk-space-hungry.

With afs2fs, this is now very easy: you just put the BIN into correct folder and that\’s it. And, of course, there are no size constraints – the bins can be as large as needed! The module is also handy, when you want to try a patch without risking totally destroying the content that you already have. Putting a new patch into a separate AFS-root and modifying config.

Removal as easy too: delete the correspoding \”img. Multiple patches is no longer a management nightmare :. See more info on AFS-roots in the sections below. Start by choosing a location where you would be putting your files. This will be your so-called AFS-root. Inside that folder, create a folder called img. This is very important that you have the folder named \”img\”, since the game relies on particular names.

Then, inside img , create folders, as needed, named – dt That\’s where you\’re going to be putting the BIN-files. It\’s important to name the folders correctly: a folder must have exactly the same name as the corresponding AFS-file.


Kit server pes 2010 pc free download

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Kit server pes 2010 pc free download.Download Pro Evolution Soccer 2010 for PC Full Version

WebDownload PES Full Version PC Game Compressed RELOADED Direct Link, Single Link. Pro Evolution Soccer atau yang biasa disingkat PES dan dikenal di Asia . WebNov 30,  · PES for PC On: PC, Xbox , PS3. Free DLC out now for PES Free Download Pro Evolution Soccer Patch A patch for Pro Evolution Soccer . WebDownload kitserver for free. Games downloads – kitserver by juce & Robbie and many more programs are available for instant and free download.


Kit server pes 2010 pc free download.Kitserver 2010 exe manager download


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