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Movie and TV Show Piracy has been going on for years. There are many websites that offer movie streaming online for free, as well as many torrent sites that provide you with links to download and watch anything. However, even pirates want simplicity and popcorn time 5.0 download nl user interfaces from time to time. This is where Popcorn Time comes to play. Due to its simplicity, Popcorn Time earned a large amount of users quickly that simply want to enjoy movies and, according to the slogan, only need popcorn.

The client that runs on every computer achieves its cross-platform-ness since it is written in NodeJS, a framework to create desktop and standalone applications in pure JavaScript. Additionally, it is Open Source and everyone can view the code or modify it. When it launches, it connects to an API server to get the status and some other information:. This time, the client requests from the api v2 to list all the moviessorted by seeds which is used to infer popularityonly return the first 50include ratings and contain movies from All genres in en glish.

At this point, if you look at the code, you notice that Popcorn Time is doing something really smart to bypass ISP-level blocking like the one imposed in the U.

It uses CloudFlare for the website xor. That means the computer will initiate a connection by resolving in the DNS level cloudflare. This is far more expensive than DNS blocking. In this response, only one movie is included, but this would normally include 49 more, since we asked for the top 50 movies. This looks pretty simple and normal.

Ask if everything is okay, then ask for all the movies, and then display them with all the information required. However, there are a few huge mistakes in the process. The second mistake is that there is no input sanitization whatsoever. That means, there are no checks in place to ensure the validity of the data посмотреть больше. The third mistake is that they make the previous two mistakes in a NodeJS application.

Every Mac OS X computer comes with php and sudo preinstalled. Then, we go to the folder we created inside Documents the one with the api subfolder on terminal and issue:.

Afterwards, we open Popcorn Time and check the movie catalog. It is recommended popcorn time 5.0 download nl launch the executable with the –reset command popcorn time 5.0 download nl option to clear all cache and settings. In Mac OS X this can be done by issuing in the terminal:. When the interface loads, and after accepting the Terms and Conditions again, we see something like this:. This is called an XSS attack. We have injected malicious JavaScript and the client application executed the code.

Popcorn time 5.0 download nl this attack we can show fake messages or rick ross blowin money fast acapella download do something smarter.

Since the application is written in NodeJS, if you find an XSS popcorn time 5.0 download nl, you are able to control the entire application. You can do anything the computer user could do. Instead, you can use the typical alert ; :. Of course, we can modify the code to send the content of one or more files to a remote server that we control.

Additionally, NodeJS offers the ability of executing shell commands bashcmd. We are able to execute arbitrary shell commands and get their output. Things get even worse when you have a local privilege escalation vulnerability and you are able to get full root access to the computer. Using these three weaknesses and of course Popcorn TimeI have demonstrated how someone can get complete control of a computer assuming they have a Man In The Middle position in the network between your computer and Cloudflare.

I am releasing this for pure educational use in hope that both users and developers will learn something out of it. I am not responsible for any damage that can or will be caused by exploiting these vulnerabilities. Second, sanitize your input. Even if you receive something over TLS вот ссылка. Always perform client-side checks of the server response. Discovering and exploiting this vulnerability was literally one hour of work, including the time to write all the JavaScript payloads and come up popcorn time 5.0 download nl cool stuff to do.

Additionally, even if something is not bad and malicious, if it was weaknesses in its code, an attacker can use it to hack your computer.

Let us now see some technical information regarding the application. Afterwards, the client stores all that popcorn time 5.0 download nl in the local cache and then displays the UI. Then, we go to the ссылка на продолжение we created inside Documents the one with the api subfolder on terminal and issue: sudo php -S Popcorn time 5.0 download nl, you can use the typical alert ; : Of course, we can modify the code to send the content of one or more files to a remote server that we control.

The issue opened in the Popcorn Time Gitlab is here. All rights reserved.


Grab some popcorn and launch Popcorn Time – Interesting tutorials

Yes: because it is open-source software, the code is publically auditable and you can review it yourself. Tap the option to Allow Unknown Sources and enable it. You discover, watch and organize video content from easy to install addons. Popcorn Time offers us an extensive catalog that includes video streaming of the best and most current television series and movies in original version with Spanish subtitles as well as the best and most famous chapters and complete seasons of the best and most acclaimed anime series. It is recommended to launch the executable with the –reset command line option to clear all cache and settings.


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