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Our 2L music store combines HiRes audio files and physical products in one shop. Give it a try and let us know what you think! MQA stereo original resolution. Stereo DSD Stereo DSD 5.

Stereo DSD 64 2. Original Source. Carl Nielsen: Chaconne op 32 Christian Eggen. Carl Nielsen Piano Music 2L SPES 2L Stille lys – Quiet Light 2L But what was clear is just how much we are missing with the Sonos Playbase system even having tuned the room with the True Tuning function in the Sonos app. I will certainly need to make a change to the system being used with the TV, the day of using the T0s connected to the TV, even without a strong phantom center channel, killed the Sonos Playbase listening experience.

I put the T0s back on my computer desk and have to say I am very impressed. Add in the remote control, the myriad of input options, the flexibility in mounting and changing the angle of the face of the speaker versus the listening position by moving the plastic handles to the opposite of the speaker and this is an incredible bargain of an active powered speaker system. And clearly, I need to make a change in my primary TV audio setup!

Add in that Vanatoo is based in the Seattle, WA area, as am I, and I am very pleased with my decision to purchase these. All in all, very pleased and I would recommend these to anyone looking for a physically small, but powerful, highly flexible input options and mounting options, and amazingly affordable set of speakers. When buying electornic gear it is quite important to clearly think through what you are trying to accomplish.

I currently spend much of the day at home working at a desktop computer. I listen to classical music almost all the time while working, essentially all of it streamed Idagio, WQXR, Berlin Philharmonic Digital Concert Hall , Met Opera On Demand The computer speakers and quite old powered speakers attached throught the headphone port where clearly inadequate.

The desk where I am working is in an open area, open but not a great acoustic enviroment. I have a moderately high end home theatre with excellent electronics and speakers in excellent acoustic environment. However, this is not where I spend my time working and I am not about to try to duplicate this.

So, I needed good speakers to sit beside a computer while working. I decided to look for a pair of powered speakers with a built-in DAC. After spending much time on reviews, I choose the Vanatoo Transparent Zero. Great choice for this application. They fit well on the desktop and look great.

Wonderful detailed sound, good base and high end. I have put it through its paces with favorite arias e. Catalani, Ebben? Brahms Intermizzi op. Bach Tocatta and Fugue in D Minor. I was pleased with all. For my application I do not see the need for an additional subwoofer. Overall a great purchase and great value. I was looking for a set of powered speakers for my new computer room and did not want typical low cost and trivial computer speakers.

I was searching to fill my bedroom size computer suite with near audiophile quality sound without high end cost. I searched the net and read and watched many reviews eventually taking the plunge for the Transparency T 0.

Of course one takes a risk since watching a review can no way represent the sound live. Unboxing immediately impressed me with the speakers apparent finish quality and how it complimented my computer environment.

My computer output supported Toslink optical cable and the whole system was ready in 5 minutes. My room was filled with extremely pleasing high and mid-range and the surprisingly concise bass from 4 inch aluminum speakers. The amount of low-end they can produce is crazy. Highs are crisp and vocals are Cristal clear. I have never experienced imaging this good outside of headphones. They get really loud with no distortion. Hello Everyone! I am writing this review because I think you will be hard pressed to find another set of powered monitors that are this good at this price point.

I am not going to sit here and spout to you what I think of the treble, mid range, and bass, there are enough people doing that. No, I am here to say that these just sound good. My previous setup consisted of some giant kenwood tower speakers that I found at goodwill for 50 bucks and an old sansui receiver that a buddy gave me and these blow those out of the water while taking a fraction of the space.

As someone who is normally budget oriented I am so happy I decided to spend just a little bit more and pick up these beauties and I hope you do too. Also… I got these delivered to me about 2 days after I ordered them even during the quarantine in Washington, definitely a big plus! How can this be? I have often referred to her as my Voodoo doctor, as her methods are mysterious but yet very effective and quite magical.

Yes, it is mysteriously effective and magical that these small speakers can be so accurate in bass, midrange, and highs… with sound stage, imaging, and volume that is astonishing. Gentlemen, you have created some kind of Voodoo with the Transparent Zero… and I thank you!

Example track evaluations — — America Holiday album, the clarity and sound separation of Hollywood is amazing. Analog from turntable sounds great. Yes, she is right there in front of me.

A re-awakened appreciation of all types of music. Thank you Team Vanatoo. From someone who does his homework before buying, there is absolutely nothing out there that competes with the Vanatoo Transparent Zero, for its size and price point….. For those of us who are tired of all the audio components, cables, wires, settings, and cost of typical stereo systems, this is as good and simple as it gets.

Superb sound and connectivity options at an unbelievable price. I attached a small compact Orb Audio sub that I had and the sound is superb. One viewer mentioned the Niam Mu-So qb2 which is a different product altogether. It is one speaker not intended to put out stereo sound. Think of it as an Apple HomePod on steroids….

In their category, the Transparent Zero and qb2 are excellent sounding, quality products. Keep doing what you are doing Vanatoo and I wish you continued success.

I set them right next to one another and configured them in mono — this was my preferred setup. Sounds great! Sounds better than the 3 other wireless speakers I noted in the Title in my application.

Highly recommended. Also using the IsoAcoustics stands which are a must! I have never in my life heard a pair of speakers able to deliver sound like these do in such a small package any where near their price range. These turned out to be exactly what I was looking for and I could not be any happier. These speakers are small enough to fit perfectly on my computer desk, they are self powered, and they even include their own DAC.

These speakers accomplish absolutely everything I wanted in new audio setup and they are worth every penny. Having seen the reviews I was anticipating something decent.

It cannot be beat! Buy them, today. Outside of the highs, mids and lows, what stood out was imaging. I miss nothing about my big O bookshelves speakers.

This sound just as good, if not better. Thanks Vanatoo for creating this affordable but awesome sounding product. Keep up the good work, would be awesome if you created a subwoofer as well. I have these on my desk, using them for my computer. I love the sound. These are really really fantastic speakers. I went with the crossover set to about hz, which is about o-clock position, and the gain at about the 10 o-clock position.

The Vanatoos were properly packaged with a nice compliment of cords, and the remote is fine. Very happy with these! Played some flacs on the Transparent Zero speakers, and they are extremely clean sounding, differentiating between instruments very well, and their imaging is also excellent.

When this small mighty team up with a 10 inch Speedwoofer from RSL Rogers Sound Lab at the show really impressed me, and I just ordered the same combination and had it all setup within few days. I can pretty much sum up this speaker like this.. The image is big and wide..

I am still amazed by how this little pair can accomplish this trick. I have tried out many different genres of music, and spent over 3 hours listening to all the details, and articulate kicking thumping bass lines.

The speaker came with a 4 inch passive radiator, and the Transparent Zero really shines. This passive radiator really adds weight and authority to all the percussive sound and I can tell you from my 15 years of playing drums, the bass and drum sound are pretty convincing.

This little speaker pair has many inputs connectors for your needs. I went ahead and ordered a subwoofer to go along with them. The speaker box is packaged inside a shipping box, and when I opened the shipping box, I was shocked at how compact the actual speaker box was. My dream was about to come true!

I pressed play expecting immediate gratification. What I got was…meh. What was wrong?! These speakers are…! I was speechless. I wanted to tell all of my friends and family.

They HAVE to experience these things. The clarity, the imaging, the sound stage, the bass! The Bass? I never hooked up the subwoofer! I went through another round of emotions…why did I get this stupid subwoofer? I waited 3 days to hook it up while I considered sending it back. In a moment of weakness…I plugged it in to see what the full system would sound like.

The Vanatoos sensed the subwoofer and a second or two later, they got LOUDER and the subwoofer took over the job of pushing out bass that, like voting for Pedro, made all of my wildest dreams come true. Good luck prying me away from my desk now.

Like what? Like hearing the 3-dimensional space of vocalists and instruments. You wanna hear something fun? When you get them, tweak the levels to your preference then prepare to get pulled into the experience like a tractor beam from the Death Star…Death by Vanatoos?

Yes, please! Recently I changed offices and could fit a pair of speakers on my desk, which sent me to find the best value speakers available. The sound on these blew me away and the connectivity is top notch. If you are looking for a pair of sleek, functional, multifarious, audiophile speakers — look no further. Save yourself the time and energy by making the right choice the first time with these speakers.

They put out amazing sound for such a small footprint. Luckily the designers planned for this and there is a dedicated sub-woofer out with the ability to set the crossover on the speakers themselves depending on your listening position and preference.

Thanks Vanatoo for making such a great product! Thank you Jonathan for taking time to give us your feedback. We are happy that you are enjoying your new T0s.

We agree that if you want to use your T0s for watching movies and you want to experience that visceral bass line that is sometimes present in movies then the T0s are greatly enhanced by adding a subwoofer. Enjoy your music and movies. Powered computer speakers are not supposed to sound like the Vanatoo T0 — not even close. Remarkably clear and clean, with layering and imaging both lateral and depth that is uncanny on the desktop. Vocals are spot on, very natural sounding with rock solid placement between the speakers.

Musically satisfying in category bending ways. Thank you Paul for the kind comments. While the diminutive size of the T0s do present some limitations, we have made every effort to squeeze every drop of performance from this size speaker.

I could not be any happier with this purchase. The sound of these two speakers is outstanding the sound stage these two speakers create is fantastic. Thank you Marco for your feedback. When we design our products we make every effort to reproduce the sound stage as accurately as we know how. In that I live in Ireland I had to wait till the power supply would accomodate v. This was a slight risk as to a possible return. But my faith in this product based on a phone call with the company made me fine with the potential risks.

I have had my T0s for a year. They do it all and then some! Thank you Peter for the kind words. We do hope some day to be able to make it easier for our friends outside the US to purchase Vanatoo products. Let me tell you, once they arrived I was blown away by these little guys. The low end these produce is simply mind blowing!! Thank you Brian for your endorsement. Heck, I guess I like anything that is gold. These T1E speakers are phenomenal and while they were playing at full volume in the living room, I went into the bathroom and experienced the same visceral sensation I would get if I were in a bar bathroom while live music was being played 50 feet away.

By the way, in my experience as a repeat customer, dealing with the guys at Vanatoo is always a pleasure, whether I needed technical advice or help when UPS lost my shipment, they did whatever it took to help me out and that is priceless.

Thank you for being a repeat customer, Brian. And keep watch for new product announcements. We are always working on something new. I was looking for a good set of speakers for my office. I checked several reviews of various products and then I found these babies. The bass that these put out for something so small just blows my mind and it is vibrating my desk as I type this review. To Vanatoo, thank you for these speakers and please consider making a surround sound set of speakers as I would love to replace my living room setup with your products.

Thank you for your comments, Curt. You might want to take a look at the Transparent One Encore for your living room needs. I am beyond impressed with these little speakers. I have them on my desk with a powered Velodyne Sub and the sound quality is amazing. On setting up the pair, I had some issues. I was shocked that I received a personal reply quickly.

Gary covered a fair number of things I could check and was very interested in seeing that I had the best experience. It took some digging but I located my problem within my computer. Once adjusted the T Zeros simply worked. I use them as computer speakers, music listening and for my flat screen TV. All connections were straight forward and easy to set up. I can not recommend these more. I replaced some large studio monitors with my Vanatoo Transparent Zero speakers and they sound fantastic!!

My one complaint is the slight clunkiness of the adjustment procedure for the many features. It would be nice if the tweaking process was more intuitive, but it certainly gets the job done. Other than those slight critiques of the setting up process, I cannot be happier with these speakers. I had a few complications related to my order and Rick really went out of his way to ensure the best service possible.

The speakers themselves are perfect for a desk setup, providing great sound and are jam packed with features. Given the price, these should be a no-brainer choice for speakers in this category.

Thank you for your review, Matt. It was our pleasure to provide you with the best service we can. For 12 years, nothing could displace their sound quality…for the size.

Thank you for the review, Derrick! Zero won out. Best-in-class compact speaker for price and versatility. Holding out purchasing in hope another iteration is coming in near future. Like the settings choices. Want: option to bypass Zero internal DAC. Have Chord Hugo 2 for use with audiophile headphones. Like to use the Hugo 2 through Zero.

Want: Finish besides black. White would be really cool and take even more sales away from Audioengine. Be nice to have for occasional use: Bluetooth protocol that matches up with better external DACs. Bottonline: Well though-out compact speakers. Rick — WOW!!! These speakers are just amazing — such pure and well balanced sound. I find myself pausing and sinking into the music from time to time. Songs I have heard many times before take on new dimension. Music has the ability to move us, and these speakers move mountains.

And the stands are magical — and I got a kick out of the video you did to show how clean the sound gets when the speakers are on the stand.

A whole new level of listening. Of course, many, many people will tell you that this sort of thing is inaudible and that you are crazy. But, crazy people can be happy, too. This particular digital solution seems to perform not quite as well as some other products with regard to jitter sidebands. Is this audible? By how much? Head to the bottom of this very web page and click on the button that says \”hi-finews\”. That\’ll take you to a website for the magazine of the same name.

In the Lab Report, there is a plot of what is labeled Wow and flutter. This is a spectral display of a single tone from a vinyl disc played back through the turntable under review. Isn\’t that pretty much the same concept as the jitter test, at least with regard to the central tone of the J-test at 11 KHz?

It\’s not obvious from either plot and associated labelling what the measurement parameters are for the spectrum analyzer. The resolution bandwidth, the video filtering, the averaging type and number of samples, the detector type, and so on are not shown for either. To be fair, this might be explained in an article somewhere that I failed to find – my bad. Variations there would explain a lot. But, maybe there\’s much more to it. I don\’t think there\’s much confusion here. Jitter was never all that audible as an issue.

No need for audiophiles to fear this \”boogeyman\” in general. I posted a demo for folks to listen to years ago – just Google \”Archimago Jitter Demo\”. Yeah, the J-Test for a device like this is not good for modern digital especially for the bit ethernet input. I still don\’t think it\’s audible in real music anyways, it\’s more of a reflection of the engineering that the time-domain wasn\’t better despite the claims of using femtoclock parts and the ESS ESQ2M DAC chip!

No surprise as well that turntables are comparatively inaccurate vs. It\’s very obvious if one listens to a pure tone like Hz as per HiFi News. Time-domain is poor with LP playback not just because of turntable rpm variations but also the imperfections of the vinyl itself. Again, with music we don\’t notice these issues as much. Nice article. Thanks for testing storage drives i. Articles like yours and the use of Roon help prepare us for if that plunge ever comes.

If only HD music videos are needed what else?? Who needs to sweat fighting with those complex \’hi-teck\’ remotes??? This is exactly what yours truly have been doing since a couple years back. Please note any DACs deliver adequate output voltage to drive directly any power amps to their rated full output power. The sonic is sooo rewarding.. From high-sensitivity in-ear monitors to current-hungry planar headphones, it drives them with aplomb. It has a continuous power output of over mW into 32ohms available through the balanced headphone socket.

Plenty of oomph for the headphone user. Discover more here. Balanced, differential analogue circuit design has long been championed for its ability to reduce noise and cross-talk within the signal path by fully separating the left and right channels.

PureWave is a new, balanced, symmetrical dual-mono topology with short, direct signal paths. The name refers to the sonic purity it achieves thanks to exceptional linearity and infinitesimally low levels of noise and distortion.

It is available through for Tidal Masters, Audirvana and Roon. This means you are listening to music as the artist intended in the format in which it was recorded. Our experience with this IC means we know how to make the most of it.

This new low-latency XMOS microcontroller has greatly enhanced processing power. Extensive jitter-eradication technologies are applied to the digital stage, including our GMT Global Master Timing femto-precision clock and intelligent memory buffer.

This top-notch component contributes to the extremely low noise, low distortion 0. Texas Instruments low-noise ICs offer great unity-gain bandwidth, very low noise and distortion, high output drive capability, Common-mode and Power Supply Rejection Ratios of over dB, wide maximum-output-swing bandwidths and high slew rates.

TDK C0G Class 1 ceramic capacitors offer high stability and low losses for resonant circuit applications. Getting ever closer to the theoretical ideal of pure, frequency-constant capacitance, these capacitors reduce capacitor-induced distortion to vanishingly low levels.


Direct mode audirvana free.


DACs convert digital information, stored fgee streamed by computers, into здесь we can hear through speakers or headphones. It is a superior method to the single-ended circuit approach. Balanced circuits reduce noise and crosstalk. While single-ended is used by most at this price level, iFi is implementing balanced circuits across читать больше ZEN range which is quite a step-up. The higher the number sample ratethe better the recording — DSD64, and It was developed to edit hi-res high quality recordings recorded frree DSD.

MQA is the breakthrough audio aidirvana that enables music fans to stream the original master recording into their home, car or on their mobile. Read more from MQA here. Just like the original, its sole purpose is to feed an external amp, be it a headphone amp, or an amp and speakers. Unlike the original, it has a 16 core XMOS chip instead of 8. This new and improved digital engine is more powerful than auudirvana.

It sports a fully-symmetrical, true differential balanced dual-mono signal stage with direct посмотреть еще paths to ensure optimal signal purity. The iFi-programmed XMOS chip, which processes data received at the USB input, and jitter-eradicating, audiophile-grade oscillators, direct mode audirvana free to exemplary handling of digital audio signals direct mode audirvana free they are received, processed по этому адресу converted to analogue form.

MQA an award-winning British technology that delivers the sound of the original master recording. The LED glows green or blue to indicate that the unit is decoding and playing an Direct mode audirvana free stream or audircana, and denotes provenance uadirvana ensure that the sound is identical to that of the source material. You can trust idrect accurate, jitter free data transfer from your source device. A pair of RCA sockets provide a single-ended connection to an amp and a Balanced 4.

This can be either a direct mode audirvana free. Fixed — audirvaana option is for when you use it with downstream equipment with its own volume control. Direct mode audirvana free sets include a high-performance 4. This new low-latency XMOS microcontroller has greatly enhanced processing power. This means you are audirbana to music as the artist intended in the format in which it was recorded.

Our move with this IC means we know how to make the most of it. It is available through for Tidal Masters, Audirvana and Roon. Extensive jitter-eradication technologies are applied to the digital stage, including our GMT Global Master Timing femto-precision clock and the intelligent memory buffer. Texas Instruments low-noise ICs offer great unity-gain bandwidth, very low noise and distortion, high output drive capability, Common-mode and Power Supply Rejection Ratios of over dB, wide maximum-output-swing bandwidths audirvvana high slew rates.

A Tokyo Cosmos Electric Co. TOCOS multi-track potentiometer is used. Their noise suppression abilities are impressive. The primary constituent of the newly developed dielectric is silk moee. This material was believed as unfathomable as an aluminium electrolytic capacitor. The new material beats silk fibre and mixes it with Manila hemp fibre to provide перейти на источник dielectric to an aluminium electrolytic capacitor used for high-grade music.

The result is second-to-none superior acoustic properties and excellent linearity. I recently purchased this DAC using another account and very much like the sound it produces. I like sound profile very much.

Lots of space between instruments and soundstage direct mode audirvana free huge. The two units together looks slick and the amp has plenty of power for even my most demanding headphones.

Still, the Zen DAC is a winner in my book and the complete modw is cirect good deal. Puts a big smile on my face when direcy to music! Well worth it! You can hear things that you never knew were there before with tremendous stereo separation. Overall build quality is very high, feels solid and has a heft to it.

Can be powered over USB or with the included power brick which is v. Only thing I would have liked to see would have been an alternative input optical in for use with a TV for ex. However, i bought it for use with a laptop and it works great over USB. Balanced audio ZEN Range. File Audievana. Direct mode audirvana free — this is the most popular file format, every device in the world can use it.

Bit Perfect. Top Support Reviews Compare. Even purer DAC performance. Enjoy an enhanced experience. Enjoy music without any distortion or colouration. Blissfully quiet. Confident connections. Fixed or variable. You decide. Crucial combo.

Show More Show Less. User Manual. Tech Lowdown. Connection Guide. Tech Notes — Volume Pots. Input USB3. Very nice DAC! Sound is warm and yet detailed I recently purchased this DAC using another account and very much like the sound it produces. Click name to audirvanz original review. More reviews…. Awesome product, direct mode audirvana free happy. Game changer! Amazing sound options. This has more power than i can use direct mode audirvana free i never say that!

Direct mode audirvana free great at any volume. There may be no better way to enjoy them. We use cookies to ensure the best experience on our website. If you continue to use our website we assume you\’re happy with that. Okay No thanks Privacy.


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