Best Wood Router In UK 2021| Complete Buyer Guide|

Have you begun woodworking and searching for the best wood router?

If you are seeking a distinctive instrument that can readily handle most of your woodworking jobs, then a wood router provides the answer to all of your issues. The term router is attributed to this device because it is used for cutting or thinning out heavy hardwood blocks.

Wood Routers may be used to conduct out precision sculpting, delicate creating, smoothing off the edges, and much more. Its comprehensive capabilities have become a crucial tool not just for employers but also for home-based jobs.

However, a huge range of wood routers is accessible, and selecting a suitable one for your kit may be extremely tough. Wood Routers vary considerably based on strength, speed, efficiency, efficacy, and simplicity of use. In addition to that, they are classed depending on the capabilities of small and big routers. Small routers are appropriate for small household tasks and large routers for major jobs.

Whether you are a woodwork enthusiast or a plank-whittling expert, we’ve got the best equipment for your next router task.

One of the most crucial instruments in every artisan workplace is the router. Routers have so many varied roles, and based on the pieces used, they may assist make up for some instruments it might not be in your shop. The smooth corners, cut to the thickness and used correctly, may produce intricate designs in your craft projects.

When picking the best wood router for a job, examine some key aspects of the different models. Most wood routers feature changeable speeds but are certain the RPM range fits your requirements. Some DIY crafters might need a fixed-base router to create a smooth edge, while others might choose a plunge-base machine that can cut fluting and mortise into the object.

Best wood router

Whether you are a novice in a woodworking company or an experienced carpenter, a router is often constant in your tool inventory. A router is a basic instrument that rotates a chopping bit and is necessary for a power tool shop. The finest wood router might be used for a broad range of complicated woodworking jobs and are important for making stunning works of art.

Experienced Homeowners and enthusiasts know the difference that a woodcutter can have on the quality of the completed product. From basic round over’s to ornate arched edges, the finest woodcutter cranks up the details a notch.

Since we know how essential the routers are, we need to pick the correct one to fit our demands and which has best wood router reviews. It may be a challenging process with so many alternatives to pick from. Fortunately, we have taken the initiative for you and researched the finest alternatives.

The instrument’s reliability matters most, yet merely glancing at it from the outside of the beautiful box doesn’t tell anything. This article will be useful in choosing the best wood router 2021 for your needs by detailing a top-of-the-line device in numerous distinct areas.

DEWALT 20V Max XR Cordless Router, Brushless, Tool Only (DCW600B)

The 20V max XR Cordless compact router provides power like a corded compact router while providing the convenience of a cordless tool. The plastic fixed base and dual LED lights help to illuminate the work surface and provide superior bit visibility. This cordless router is equipped with variable speed control for optimal bit speed in each application. The release clamp allows for quick and easy bit and base Change.


Anyone who has ever encountered a cable snag when routing the edge of a workpiece is familiar with the uneven profile it may produce. This DEWALT cordless router overcomes this problem by allowing users to run along the edge freely. The motor is driven at speeds ranging from 16,000 to 25,500 RPMs by a 20V max battery. It has a soft-start function that prevents the router from jumping. It also employs electrical feedback to check the bit’s speed while routing, changing output if the bit slows down, resulting in consistent outputs.

A fast release enables macro changes, while a micro-adjustment ring aids in fine-tuning the cut depth. Please keep in mind that this is a tool-only purchase and that a battery must be purchased separately. A router is hollowing equipment that creates large holes in hard materials like wood. It also creates trims and edges along the way. It’s critical to understand all of the characteristics and attributes in-depth to make an informed decision about whether or not it’s the correct thing for you. On the other hand, the research would need some work, and sometimes you’re just too lazy to even look it up in the air.

You may have to operate in a dimly lit area at times; in such a scenario, routing may be difficult. However, this DEWALT router has twin LED lights to ensure that these little difficulties do not disrupt your routine sessions. These lights provide you adequate light to work well in your artwork.

Because the firm wants to keep your favorability in mind, this trait is one of the most advanced and distinctive aspects. Despite the lack of natural light, these lights make working even simpler.

When it comes to routing, speed is essential. The router’s default speed setting is variable speed. This speed helps you to keep up with whatever difficult application tasks you’re working on. It allows for easy routing, even with hard materials.

The soft-start motor guarantees that the pace is maintained at all times. It allows you to monitor with electronic feedback, which operates continuously, to keep you up to date with the speed range. This functionality ensures that the router continues to function without being stressed.



Bosch 1617EVS 2.25 HP Electronic Fixed-Base Router

Bosch 1617EVS wood router tool kit 12 amp 2 1/4 Horsepower fixed base hand router with 1/4 inch and 1/2 inch collets. Case type: Hard plastic. Double insulated. Handle a broad range of routing applications with the versatile Bosch 1617EVS Variable-Speed Router. This router kit includes a powerful motor with advanced speed-control technology, a fixed base for upright use or use in a router table, and plenty of high-performance features to help you get a variety of jobs done quickly and accurately.


There aren’t many router models out there today that can compete with the sheer performance and adaptability that the Bosch 1617EVS brings to the table when it comes to woodworking versatility. This router can help you with plunge cuts to edge shaping, laminate cutting, and even slot cutting. The Bosch 1617EVS’s most appealing feature is its adaptability and a wide variety of applications. Apart from the many wood shaping ways, the 12-amp motor that this wood router contains is another feature that surprised me.

The motor alone can produce enough torque and cutting force to make even the most difficult chores appear and feel considerably easier. It also has several user-friendly features and operates at a constant RPM. 

BOSCH wood router 1617EVS features high-grade aluminum construction that is exceptionally elegant and light. It comes in a casing that cushions the machine, preventing it from collapsing due to unexpected impacts. It may be conveniently carried around for projects because of its case and ultra-fine body. Because it’s a hand tool, the minimalist and light design guarantees a comfortable grip and smooth operation on wood.

It features two grips on either side of the body that extend outwards. They are suited for hand use because of their wood-based ergonomic design. The model’s operation is incredibly simple and user-friendly. The bit height may be changed with a knob on the side that enables microfine adjustments.

The coarse lever may also be used to adjust the height, and micro-fine regulators can be used to fine-tune it even further. The Bosch 1617EVS comes with both fixed and plunging bases that can be swapped very simply. The plunge base is for precise and complex cuts, while the fixed base is transparent and lets you keep track of progress while routing.

The BOSCH 1617EVS has a 12 amp, 2.25 HP engine, one of the most noticeable characteristics. The speed control dial is positioned on the front. The motor’s longevity is considerably improved with the use of a soft start function. When the motor is turned on, it progressively warms up until it achieves the desired speed. It is a fantastic technology in terms of human and machine safety.



Makita RT0701C 1-1/4 HP Compact Router

1-1/4 HP motor delivers 6.5 Amps for improved performance. Heavy Duty aluminum motor for increased durability. Every Makita product is warranted to be free of defects from workmanship and materials for the period of ONE YEAR from the date of original purchase. Certain products referenced below have longer warranties. Should any trouble develop during the one-year period, return the Complete product, freight prepaid by user, to one of Makita’s Factory or Authorized Service Centers.


You know how essential it is to have a decent range of tools in your toolkit if you’re a competent construction worker, a builder, or just a DIY housewife. A cutter, like the Makita RT0701C, is a well-known device essential for a backpack. This cutter is a great addition to any toolset since it simplifies and speeds up construction operations. We’ll take a deeper look at the Makita RT0701C in this article and compare it to another cutter on the market to determine whether it’s the best match for you. In this piece, we’ll take a closer look at the Makita RT0701C and contrast it to other cutters on the marketplace to see whether it’s the right fit for you.

The Makita RT0701C is a lightweight router designed for use in building and renovations projects. The power tool is used to carve out a section of hard materials such as plastic or hardwood. In woodwork tasks, this flexible tool is primarily utilized for decorative moldings and cabinets. It can carve complicated shapes, borders, and holes.

The router is powered by an electrical wheel that is driven by a generator. Router pieces are connected to a spindle that rotates at incredible velocities and swiftly eliminates material. They come in a variety of dimensions, sizes, and shapes. The Makita RT0701C’s spindles are activated by pressing and holding the trigger while moving the wheel properly.

These cutters can be used to cut plastic, timber, and other material, among other things. Due to its tiny size and motor, it should not be used on tougher materials like metals. Small bits of material are chopped with portable routers like these for more sensitive processes. Routing pieces are one of the best tools in your toolbox since of their adaptability.

The Makita RT0701C is a compact tool that measures only 3.9 pounds. It has an ergonomic structure that gives you far more comfortability possible. The motor casing is aluminum, which disperses heat and allows the motor to operate at a lower temperature. It’s a nice teal hue that makes it easy to spot amid your other storage items. The soft start mechanism, which guarantees that the motor’s torque is reduced and the maximum speed is gradually reached, is one characteristic that sets this router apart. It makes the router safer to use and lowers the danger of material damage by ensuring a smoother operation.



Bosch 1617EVSPK Wood Router Tool Combo Kit - 2.25 Horsepower Plunge Router & Fixed Base Router Kit with a Variable Speed 12 Amp Motor

Variable speed dial, soft-start, maintains constant speed under load, quick clamp system on both bases, includes fixed base with system for adjusting bit height from above a router table, precision centering makes it easy to keep bit on intended cutline when using jigs, templates.


The Bosch 1617EVSPK is a router kit with fixed and plunge bases and top-mounted adjustments for use with a router table and some excellent additional accessories like an edge guide and templates.

When it comes to power tools, design becomes a critical aspect. The Bosch 1617EVSPK is built to last and the best wood router table. It is quite long-lasting. The motor housing and base are both composed of heavy-duty aluminum. It makes it robust and ensures that it lasts a long time. Bosch 1617EVSPK is a well-made product. Its power switch is protected from harm by a dust seal. It ensures a long-lasting and high-quality product; all required measures are done.

The tool’s foundations are made to be more visible. The 2-inch sub-base apertures and wide openings on both bases are ideal for larger bits. The Bosch 1617EVSPK allows us to pick the speed. The device includes a speed dial that may be adjusted. You may adjust the speed with the variable speed dial. You may adjust the speed (increase or decrease) depending on the task and the material you’re dealing with. In addition, the base is 6 inches in diameter. The fixed/ 6-11/16-inch length and the contoured mahogany handles optimize the tool’s user control. Furthermore, both of the Bosch 1617 EVSPK’s bases have an innovative, precise centering design. This aids in the alignment of optional template guides.

The Bosch 1617EVSPK delivers excellent results. Furthermore, the micro-fine depth adjustment mechanism ensures superb performance. 

The Bosch 1617EVSPK router has a fixed base. While cutting, it maintains a constant pace. Constant Response Circuitry is included with the tool. It permits the router to keep track of how we’re using it. This feature keeps the cutting speed constant. A proper weight is required for a hand tool. Products that are too big to use are inconvenient to utilize. The weight of the Bosch 1617EVSPK is just right and is the right weight for sturdiness. Furthermore, because the router is lighter, it is easier to operate.



DEWALT Router, Fixed/Plunge Base Kit, Variable Speed, Soft Start, 2-1/4-HP (DW618PKB)

The DW618PKB 2-1/4 HP EVS Fixed Base / Plunge Router Combo Kit w/ Soft Start has a powerful motor for routing through tough hardwood at the user’s desired speed. DEWALT fixed router features precise depth adjustments and fast, easy motor pack removal for bit and base changes. The plunge base integral dust collection provides superior bit visibility.


The DeWalt DW618PK router kit comes up to the DeWalt reputation. This kit is popular among beginners and amateurs since it is so simple to use. Even those with some router expertise will like this kit. It has exceptional durability, flexibility, and improved features that enable it to make flawless cuts.

As a result, the DeWalt DW618PK router kit is an excellent choice for people who are new to routers but will want a more complex and flexible alternative in a year or two. Though this isn’t the greatest solution for all professional applications, it’s ideal for more experienced amateurs.

Let’s take a deeper look at the DeWalt DW618PK, including its features, benefits, and limitations, with that in mind.

One of the first things to consider when purchasing a router is horsepower. The horsepower indicates how powerful and capable the instrument is at cutting through various types of wood. A 214-horsepower electronic motor powers the DeWalt DW618PK. This strength allows the instrument to cut through any wood, including thick hardwood, with ease.

Furthermore, the speed is equipped with electronic speed control. It aids the tool’s ability to sustain speed when under stress—this aids in reducing tension and preventing burning when using the instrument.

A fixed base will be set to a certain depth that will be maintained during the duration of use. On the other hand, a plunge base allows the tool to descend to a predetermined depth to produce a cut. It isn’t easy to choose between a fixed basis and a plunging base because they are useful.

You won’t have to choose between the two thanks to this package. This kit includes a combination base that includes both a fixed and a plunge version.

Thanks to its variable speed and combo base, the DeWalt DW618PK is one of the most flexible routers on the market. You may use any bit or cutter with any diameter. Meanwhile, you may use either foundation to make your cut. If you want a router that can do many things, this is the one to choose.

Routers are one of those instruments that both experts and amateurs require. It makes it critical for new users to choose a simple, simple router to understand yet advanced enough to grow with them as they gain expertise.

The DeWalt DW618PK meets both of these requirements. It is extremely user-friendly, making it ideal for beginners and amateurs alike. More experienced users, on the other hand, adore it because of its power, adaptability, and sophisticated capabilities.



DEWALT Router, Fixed Base, 1-3/4-HP (DW616)

Route and smooth even demanding hardwoods with the 1-3/4 horsepower DEWALT DW616 fixed base router, which provides a micro-fine depth adjustment ring provides for precise depth adjustments in 1/64-inch increments. And the adjustable, tool-free steel motor cam lock makes depth adjustment and base changes quick and solid-locking. Do not hand-hold the router in an upside-down or horizontal position


DEWALT DW616 is a one-and-a-half-horsepower router with an 11-amp motor that delivers enough power, durability, and adaptability to handle any demanding project. It is well-built and has extremely little vibration. The router’s settings are quite precise, and the up-and-down adjustments are easy and smooth. It’s also simple to swap out parts. It necessitates using the two wrenches ( which are supplied ), but the process is still straightforward. If you have a Dewalt DW618 router, it will work well with the plunge base and D handle that comes with it. The only thing I’d want to see altered is the arbor lock.

The tool’s motor is 1-3/4 horsepower and 11 amps, allowing it to operate effectively even on the hardest materials. With 1/64 inch increments, the adjustable ring enables precise adjustments.

DeWalt is known for producing cutting-edge construction equipment, and this fixed base router is no exception. This router’s outstanding quality and unique features make it quite useful for everyday tasks.

This fixed base router has an 11-ampere motor and a horsepower rating of 1-3/4, which is above average for a router. It features a durable exterior and a solid and powerful metal base interior to ensure that your router lasts a long time.

It is also resistant to wear and tear over time and maybe a powerful tool for a long period. In hardwood routing, it has maximum efficiency and can cut edges of rather thick wood. A micro-fine depth adjustment ring is included, making operation more convenient.

The ring is in charge of fine-tuning the depth of the incisions so that they are all measured identically. There’s no need to verify the depth now and then once it’s been set.

It also has an adjustable steel motor cam lock, handy for shifting the base and adjusting the depth. The cam lock is known for its strong locking capabilities.

For easy motor pack removal, a quick-release motor latch is incorporated. All of these characteristics set it apart from most other base routers on the market. With so many excellent attributes and distinctive design elements, there’s no question that this base router is an indispensable instrument for routing.



BOSCH MRC23EVSK Combination Router - 15 Amp 2.3 Horsepower Corded Variable Speed Combination Plunge & Fixed-Base Router Kit with Hard Case

The BOSCH line of metal drill bits offers a solution for every professional application. Each bit is manufactured to exacting specifications and features a split point that starts on contact with no walking or skating, eliminating the need for a center punch.


This router is the most recent model. The control mechanism has greater gripping and forceful control. The two-stage rapid clamp mechanism ensures a secure and speedy attachment. With one 5/8-inch clip, the MRC23EVSK provides a base change adjuster. For a typical router table, a fixed base wrench is an ideal option. Its reverse micro deep rod makes it easier to move in any difficult situation.

Although the Bosch MRC23EVSK Combination Router is the heaviest on the market, its weight has no bearing on its performance. It has threaded holes on the back that allow it to be mounted to the table. The plunge router’s operation is smooth due to its ergonomic grip, making it easy to handle. It’s straightforward, easy to set up and utilize. It’s enjoyable to use despite its size.

With this plunge router, you can count on precise cutting every time you use it. The Bosch MRC23EVSK Combination Router is built to last, with a heavy-duty design that ensures you receive a long period of service when you buy it. It’s extremely adaptable, making it ideal for cutting items of different sizes and forms.

Because of its microfine accuracy, the Bosch MRC23EVSK Combination Router stands out among the competition. It includes an after-lock bit-depth adjustment that assures precise cutting no matter what plunge settings you choose.



SKIL 14 Amp Plunge and Fixed Base Router Combo — RT1322-00

This woodworking router allows you to easily switch between fixed- and plunge-base, and has the power of 14 Amps so you can take on more tasks. With soft start technology, the router starts slow and ramps up to provide time to adjust. Plus precise depth adjustments and speed control to maintain optimum RPMS. Ergonomic handles limit vibration and reduce fatigue over long use.


This Skil 14-amp router falls into the general-purpose category, and the supplied fixed, and plunge bases make it a flexible kit. A palm router will still be required at some time, and some of you will require a more powerful one in the future. The RT1322-00, on the other hand, is a fantastic model to start with because it serves a wide variety of routing demands. It’s also appropriate for Pros on a tight budget.

With 2.5 horsepower and speeds ranging from 10,000 to 25,000 RPM, this Skil router requires 14 amps. It’s simple to adjust the speeds using the top-mounted electronic control panel. To change the pace, use the + or – buttons.

While experienced woodworkers know how to adjust the speed, Skil provides helpful assistance if you don’t have as much expertise. By pressing the ” Set ” button, you may pick settings for the bit style, bit size, and hardwood, softwood, or plastic materials by pressing the “Set” button. Once you’ve selected them, the router will determine the best speed for that combination.

The Skil router is a formidable piece of machinery. While the material is being routed, the electrical feedback ensures that the motor maintains its RPM. A live tool indication is a distinctive feature of this piece of equipment. When the plunge router is connected to electricity, it illuminates, allowing you to stay secure and informed.

The Skil RT1322-00 Digital Router combines a durable 2.5 horsepower motor with modern features such as digital controls and an LCD. It’s ready for everything, with both fixed and plunge bases included in the box. Soft-start technology gently increases the motor’s speed, so it doesn’t buck in your hands, and digital speed controls keep the RPM steady for your application. Because of the ergonomic handles, you’ll experience less vibration and strain. Precision depth adjustments ensure that your routes are always perfect.

When used over a long length of time, the ergonomic design minimizes vibration and decreases strain. Simultaneously, the plunge and fixed base router’s digital displays are fantastic—specifically intended to succeed in any woodworking project job.



Triton TRA001 3-1/4 HP Dual Mode Precision Plunge Router

The Triton TRA001 has a powerful 3.25 HP motor, able to handle even the toughest workpieces with the motor running at 8000 -21000 RPM’s. It features a wide range of premium features: Easy-set, direct reading, 3-stage turret for precise preset cut depths. Single button switches from plunge to fixed-base router with rack and pinion height adjustment.. Through base, single wrench, bit change is achieved with automatic spindle lock. Soft start and variable speed lets you select the perfect speed for all cutter types. Micro Winder enables continuous fine depth adjustment through the full plunge range.


Triton is a well-known router manufacturer, and their dual-mode TRA001 router is one of the most popular among artisans, contractors, and do-it-yourselfers. The Triton TRA001 is designed for experienced woodworkers only. It features a strong 3.25 horsepower motor and is capable of handling difficult tasks. You can change the speed to the type of wood you’re dealing with, thanks to the variable speed (8000-21000 RPMs). You can find the perfect cutting speed for every cutter with a soft start and variable speed.

It has a simple 3-stage turret with a focus on performance for exact pre-set cut depth and other features. This gadget complies with an authorized standard due to the single-button switches.

The rack and pinion plunge dial with micro-adjustment is the most recognizable symbol. The automated spinning locking activates only when the power button is pressed, and the machine tool features a neon Power ON indication.

Furthermore, users have fast access to brushes and may replace them if they become worn out. On the TRA001 best wood router bits, changing the cutting bit needs only one wrench, allowing you to swap between different cutting bits in minutes.

This router distinguishes out for the ease with which it can be set up and controlled because of the exact widening characteristics that can make extremely small changes; even making minute adjustments while cutting is easier than ever before.

It’s worth mentioning that this is a large, heavy router that requires a lot of strength to use, but that’s part of what makes it so effective. Because of its weight and strength, it can make almost any cut.

Variable speed settings with a gentle start are another wonderful feature. It means you may test it out at a low pace and with a soft start to see whether it works. If not, change the speed and then increase the setting until you achieve the desired speed. This sort of simple modification allows you to make fewer errors and work more efficiently.



Bosch Router Tool, Colt 1-Horsepower 5.6 Amp Electronic Variable-Speed Palm Router PR20EVS

The BOSCH JA1007 Dust Extraction Kit allows for dust extraction and collection with BOSCH JS470E and JS470EB Jig Saws. Kit Includes: Clear Dust Hood (2605510293), Dust Tube (2605730055), and Vacuum Hose Adapter (VAC024). The Bosch PR20EVS Colt variable-speed palm-grip router puts routing power and precision in the palm of your hand. The PR20EVS has an ergonomic palm-grip design with softgrip to make it very comfortable to hold, yet it also has ample power, making it typically easier to use than larger routers.


The grip on the Bosch Colt PR20EVS is contoured, so it fits precisely in your hand. This characteristic allows it to function independently and efficiently. With your safety in mind, precautions and steps have been taken.

Finger guards are installed on the front of the fixed base to keep you safe and reduce the vibrating effect you could notice while overworking.

The router must have 1.0 peak horsepower to produce 5.6 amps. You could believe it’s very low compared to other models on the market, but the power is plenty for this palm router.

Furthermore, the engine was always powerful enough to complete basic woodworking operations such as cutting and trimming.

The Bosch Colt PR20EVS also has a soft-start feature that reduces the motor’s revolutions, allowing it to work for extended periods. The list of outstanding features does not end here; it has only just begun.

The Bosch PR20EVS also has a patent-pending constant response circuit, which essentially maintains speed changes and provides consistent operation. It also protects your router from being overloaded as a result of this.

On the other hand, the electrical speed control ensures that startup twisting is kept to a minimum so that the router does not overload.

If you’re interested in working with bits with bigger diameters and cutter ranges, the range between 2.50 and 3 inches might be ideal. In such a scenario, you’ll need to dial 1 to 3, which corresponds to an RPM range of 16000 to 20000.

With its smaller size, the fixed base is more compact and has greater visibility. The lock lever on the plunge base is ergonomically placed in a readily identifiable location, and all you have to do to release it is spring the lock position.

This router is ideal for edging and cutting huge, hard materials, making it simple to complete large, difficult jobs.



Buyer's Guide to Wood Routers

When it comes to meeting your unique requirements, any wood router will not suffice. You’ll need to keep several details in mind, such as size, ergonomics, and motors, to determine if they meet your needs. Keep in mind certain extra factors in addition to the various router types. Continue reading for a list of specifications, capabilities, and features to look for while looking for the finest wooden router for your requirements.

  • The Dimensions

Wood routers are accessible in a variety of forms and sizes. On the other hand, the sizes are largely determined by the router category you’re looking for. Palm routers are little tools ideal for minor jobs and may fit in the palms of your hands.

On the other hand, a compact router has a significantly higher power level than a palm router and, while being somewhat larger, comes in a small portable box.

Finally, full-sized routers are the most efficient and are constructed to be significantly larger so that the larger motor can be comfortably housed.

  • The Design

Many newer clients appear to sacrifice simplicity of use for performance and power. Like any other electric tool, a wood router should be ergonomically built with easy-to-use features and safety measures to prevent long-term harm.

A badly constructed wood router, on the other hand, will cause a lot of muscular stress, inflammation, and eventually chronic and severe diseases like carpal tunnel syndrome. As a result, be sure the router you choose is easy to grasp and use.

  • Has a Port for Dust Collection

When it comes to power tools that generate a lot of dust, we can’t tell you how handy integrated dust collecting port can be. A wood router, for example, produces a lot of dust. When this dust settles, it does so in two places: one, your workbench, and the other, your lungs. As a result, it can create a variety of physiological issues in the long run. As a result, it’s best to seek a router that has a dust collecting system.

  • The Motor

Being aware of the motor and selecting a specific one may not be as important as the other items on the list. However, we recommend a brushless model because they are generally quieter and lighter than their competition. Most big-name power tool makers use them, so having one on your tool may be quite useful.

  • Horsepower

The horsepower of a router is important in determining how effectively it handles big router bits and thick materials. While any router can make numerous runs to work its way over an edge, choosing one that can accomplish everything at once saves time. When using a plunge router, this is very important: When you plunge a little further into the field of a board, you get greater friction and resistance than if you merely pull it over the edge.

Most of the finest wood routers have horsepower ratings of 1.25 to 1.75, with some truly hot-rod models having more than 2. In most situations, the lower range is enough, but 2-horsepower routers can cut through dense materials quickly.

  • Various Speeds

Choosing the right speed to get the work done fast without burning the wood is one of the most difficult elements of generating flawless edge profiles. Because boards range in density (even among boards of the same species), there is no such thing as a magical speed. It all boils down to having the proper touch and having the appropriate experience.

The good news is that most routers feature changeable speeds that can be modified until the perfect speed is found. They frequently feature tiny dials to assist them in selecting their pace. Search for speeds between 9,000 and 20,000 RPMs for a reasonable range.

It’s worth noting that some routers feature speed sensors that track how fast a bit spins and change the speed to keep it at the optimal level. If you operate a router at 10,000 RPMs and come across a particularly dense area of wood, for example, the router may slow down and provide uneven results. The router uses these speed sensors to raise its power output to compensate for the increased density, keeping the bit operating at the specified speed.

  • Collet Dimensions

Consider the bit size that the router can handle as well. Fourteen inches and 12 inches are the two most frequent sizes.

Choosing the router with the optimal collet size is, once again, influenced by the intended usage. The 14-inch collet is ideal for light-duty tasks like edge profiling and machining door hinge mortises. It may not work as well for heavy-duty tasks, though.

A 12-inch collet is better for heavier-duty applications like timber construction or working with thick hardwoods. These bits are more durable, and the greater surface area prevents them from slipping.

  • User-Friendliness

The majority of us are eager to put our new equipment to work as soon as we get them home. For the unskilled carpenter, routers, on the other hand, maybe a bit problematic. Users should seek a router that matches their preferences. Stick to lightweight models if you’re new to carpentry and want to create more artistic and detailed patterns.

  • Features

The ability to alter the depth of cut is available on all routers, although some are easier to use than others.

Some routers also include features that allow you to see what you’re cutting. Lighted routers are useful for increasing your range of vision. It is very useful for cutting more intricate shapes.

When it comes to router functionality, dust collection is the name of the game. If a dust collection system is in place, the motor will generate less heat, which means you don’t have to stress for equipment breaking down. Some of these characteristics make for a more pleasurable woodworking experience if they are within your budget.

  • Safety

Look for safety guards surrounding the bit and how secure the bit is when the router is turned on. Heat is another factor to consider when it comes to safety. Routers spin at a high RPM and can get quite hot. Look for where the motor is located and what parts of the machine get heated. If it gets hot where you put your hands, you’ll want to know before you make a mistake and burn your hand.

  • Price

Routers are a broad category of instruments with a wide variety of prices. The more powerful the motor, the more expensive it is. The same can be stated for the additional functions; the more you add, the more expensive it becomes. Instead of focusing on the price, consider your requirements. After you’ve gone over your wish list for a router, you’ll be able to narrow down a price range. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Now that you have all this information on the greatest wood routers and available types, you may be ready to shop. Some folks, however, may still have doubts about how routers operate and how to pick the best one. 

  • What kind of wood router do I require?

For the most part, a fixed-base router will suffice. If you’re making delicate joinery, though, a plunge-base router is the way to go.

  • What is the recommended router size for woodworking?

The project determines it. A 14-inch collet router is adequate for light-duty routing, but a 12-inch collet is required for heavy-duty work.

  • Do torque and RPM have an impact on routing?

RPMs are more important than torque. For proper functionality, your router needs speed (RPMs), and changeable (and maintained) speed is more important than startup power (torque). Because too much torque in a router might be harmful, manufacturers are less inclined to employ motors with excessive torque.


There are a variety of wood routers available on the market today. Each has its own set of benefits tailored to a certain requirement or vocation. So, while choosing the proper one might be a tough process, we hope that our advice today was able to assist you in resolving your problem.

The Makita Compact Router Kit is the finest overall router since it is strong, sturdy, and cuts like a dream at a price that won’t break the bank. If you’re searching for a router that checks all of the boxes on your list but doesn’t require the power, the Bocsh Wood Router is a good option.

If bells, whistles, and extra features are important to you, the DeWalt Wood Router is where you should go for a good router that won’t break the bank. In the end, a router is a fantastic tool that every woodworker should own. Hopefully, after reading these evaluations, you now have enough knowledge to make the best decision for your requirements.

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