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Best Miter Saw

Review a miter saws that will enable you to perform complex cutting jobs with ease, and make Accurate Crosscuts

Best Table Saw

A look at the best table saws—including portable, hybrid, and cabinet models—to consider for your workshop

Best Electric Chain Saw

Review the Best Electric Chainsaws, that can make your tree & wood cutting experience super efficient!

Best Angle Grinder

Find The Best Angle Grinders for the Workshop. Turn to a quality angle grinder for cutting, grinding, carving, and a host of other tasks.

Best Band Saw

Find A good band saw helps you cut through metal, wood, and various other materials without a hassle.

Best Wood Router

A look at the Best Wood Routers for DIYers and Hobbyists to Make beautiful edge profiles and fine joinery

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For some One who is in the carpentry business for over 20 years, I have never had a saw from these saw reviews so smooth in cutting and sliding. Very light and easy to carry very low in noise and is very safe to work with I recommend buying it.

Sarah Jones
Interior Designer

I have an electric Dewalt saw, heavy and hard for me to move. This new craftsman is the absolute deal. Light weight. I cut cedar shakes for an hour and after finishing put the battery on charger. Didn’t need charging.

Jessica Foxx

I’m happy overall with this cordless miter saw. The size and convenience is my reason for purchasing. This is ideal for cutting the occasional 2×4 and trim. Some mentioned it would cut a 4×4 but I haven’t tried that yet.

Briana Luke

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Learn about different types of saws, saw blades and available features.



A “Quick” over view of Saws and some information needed to make your first few purchases. We will cover tooth sizes. PPI and TPI, Grip styles, plate types and what each saw is intended to cut.


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