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Milwaukee 6955-20 Bevel Miter Saw Review

Although you will not find all of the bells and whistles on the Milwaukee 6955-20 miter saw as you do on some of the other saws in this class, you are getting a miter saw hereMilwaukee 6955-20 that offers a lot of quality and some of its own unique features that really do help to make this saw very easy to use.

One thing you will notice when you start using the Milwaukee 6955-20 is the power it has behind it. The motor produces a lot of drive that will enable you to cut through hard wood and larger applications easily and cleanly too.

This miter saw also has a digital miter readout so that you can see your exact angle that you will be cutting at. This will enable you to get the exact angle you need each time, no matter what the angle is you want to cut at. This is accurate to 0.1 degree.

Video overview of the 6955-20

The Milwaukee 6955-20 uses a 12 inch blade so you get the best quality cuts over some larger applications. The saw itself is quite light in weight, so this is ideal if you need to lift it a lot to take it to different jobs with you.

A closer look at the Milwaukee 6955-20

Milwaukee 6955-20 miter sawSpeed of the blade

The no load speed, and the loaded cutting speed for the Milwaukee 6955-20 is 3,250 RPM. The saw uses constant power technology to keep the blade rotating at the same speed during a cut, which provides a much cleaner and consistent cut.

There is also an electronic soft start feature with this tool. This will let you ease into the cutting line without risk of any damage by ripping the wood, which can sometimes happen when the blade hits it at a high speed.

Dual jobsite lights

When you are using a precision cutting tool such as a miter saw you really need to be able to see exactly what you are doing and where you are cutting. So to make this a lot easier for you, no matter what the surrounding conditions are like, the Milwaukee 6955-20 uses dual jobsite lights that light up both sides of the cutting line.

Many miter saws have add-on lights that you need to buy separately so that you can see the work properly, but the Milwaukee 6955-20 comes with them built in, and they are very effective too. These ensure that you can see the blade as it hits the cutting line at point of entry.

Digital miter angleMilwaukee 6955-20 review

To ensure that you get your miter angles spot on each and every time you can use the digital miter angle system. This allows minute adjustments and you can override any detent stops if you need to cut at angles that are outside of these stops.

Dust channel

In an effort to catch the dust created from the tool as it cuts, the Milwaukee 6955-20 has an integral dust channel that catches a lot of the saw dust created. This is located near to the cut so that it has the best chance to get the debris as it happens.

Final thoughts on the Milwaukee 6955-20 miter saw

This saw holds its own up against the Makita, Bosch and Dewalt miter saws without any problems. It is a very reliable and durable saw and you should certainly get a lot of use out of it. The design has been well thought out and it is a comfortable saw to use, even after long periods. The Milwaukee 6955-20 is certainly a great option for somebody that needs a good quality miter saw that they can really rely on.

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